Fresh 5~ Songs to Ball Out to (March Madness is Here!)

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Ballin'It’s the middle of March and the fruits are madder than ever. That’s right, its Tourney time! Will this finally be the year when a 16 seed pulls off an upset? Can Guava beat the odds and fill out a perfect bracket? Will the NCAA finally listen to our petition and go back to using peach baskets? Only time will tell but one thing we can be sure of is that there will be highlights galore. To make a basketball video stand out though, a bumpin’ soundtrack is key so check out these juicy tracks to jumpstart your next project.





Percussion by Fleisis
Energetic and upbeat percussion track with stomps, claps, snaps and drums!



Blastoff by tobywincorn
A high energy blast of retro hip hop joy. Featuring an explosive breakbeat and an ascending brass section, this instrumental sounds like House of Pain meets RJD2. Gives a feeling of manic excitement and release.



Hip-Hop Champion Fighter by CitySound
This epic dramatic hip-hop track features hard hitting beats and an explosive orchestra. Driving strings, powerful brass, and synth bass lay down a sinister melody while crowd stomps and handclaps bring a crushing sports arena groove. Perfect for sports, competition, and epic dramatic uses 93 bpm.



Game Changer by TonyInvention
Powerful guitar track.  Exciting riff with a funky beat.



Epic Sports Highlights by vpedulla
Muscular classic game time music. Huge cinematic brass and percussion drive the action.




Whether your bracket is busted early or if its finally your year to take the top spot in the office pool, make sure to head on over for more fresh tracks from our carefully curated, stock music library at