In Season ~ Basket Full of Tracks for the Easter Bunny

royalty free stock musicEaster BunnyJust as I finally found the last hidden egg full of now-melted chocolate stuffed in a gutter from last year, it is time once again to start gearing up for some egg hunting yet again. That’s right, Easter is just around the corner and there is no better way to celebrate than by dying eggs, stuffing some weird plastic grass in a basket, and browsing some of the finest royalty free music around. Whether you are creating a commercial for holiday chocolate or just trying to set the mood as you await the Easter Bunny’s arrival, let us here at help you hunt for that perfect royalty free track you are looking for.



Easter Egg Hunt by Score Studio

A quirky, fun orchestral track perfect for games, comedies, children’s parties, animations and cartoons. With pizzicato strings, woodwinds, marimba and light percussion, it conveys playfulness and mischief.



One Day in May by WhiteSparrowSound

A happy, feel good song that just makes you smile. Innocent, cute and a little quirky.



Easter Bunny Theme by Klosmusic

A merry little melody played on piano and glockenspiel with drums and bass, originally written as an Easter Bunny theme! 🙂



The Prince by Big Sound Music

Cartoony soundtrack – like a hunt for Easter Eggs!



Cheeky Ukulele by Woodmill

A cheeky and up-tempo Ukulele piece. Acoustic finger picking and Ukulele picking/strum. Music box twinkles and Tuba back-beat keep this fun and entertaining. Folksy Banjo melody and pick introduced as the piece progresses. A brushed snare driven beat with percussion give a modern kids TV vibe. Kids will love for the pace and adults for the cheeky fun musicianship and arrangement.



Childrens 2 by BogdanBonin

This song is a very catchy instrumental tune that has an uplifting, feet-tapping beat. Silly whistling and squiggly synths. We hope you enjoy the song.



Comedy by BeepCode Upbeat, happy, positive and uplifting instrumental with great mix acoustic guitar, ukulele, snaps, claps, back vocals, etc. Happy and motivational.



Upbeat and Uplifting by Fleisis

A positive and acoustic pop track with ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano, glockenspiel, bass, drums and percussion. Ideal for corporate advertising, commercials and internet videos as well as uses involving children, kids, innocence, inspiration and motivation.



Cartoon Ukulele by Young Rich Pixies

Happy and simple ukulele track.


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