“Loving it” Weekly January 8th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 22

  1. “Bye Bye Bad Luck Love” – jessicalellemusic

Nobody needs bad luck love. Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. So with this very warm and loving stock track, we shall say goodbye to such luck and embrace the happier times.

  1. “Cool Raindrops” – Jonathan Wright

I need this elegant stock track playing in the background whenver I put on my perfectly tailored guava fruit suit. Love the sense of luxury, pride, wonder and a touch of nostalgia.

  1. “Curiosites” – Fabrice Ravelle-Chapuis

Woah. This is some impressive music right here. Love the combo of strings, clarinet and piano. You are correct Fabrice, is this dark and dangerous or something exotic and enticing?

  1. “Lost Faith” – TOYINVENTION

Ugh, yeah y’all feel that? Urban HIP HOP stock music track. Batten down the hatches ‘erbody. Guava is gonna roll deep with this dark, sleek track in the background.

  1. “Rising from the Ashes” – Scoreweaver

Soooo I’m going to need this hip cinematic stock track playing every time I wake up in the morning. Great embodiment of rising from the bottom to the top with a contemporary feel.

  1. “Wings Of Destiny” – Kubed

I’m so bad at basketball. Literally can’t even make a layup 50% of the time. BUT if I put on a brand new pair of Nike’s and play this dubstep/electronic track, I’d be like Kobe 2.0.

  1. “Dragonfly” – ludwigamadeus

Here is a great, breezy acoustic track. But not just any ol’ acoustic sounding track, there is the perfect blend of electronic sound with the peaceful strumming. Listen and float away.

  1. “Club Hair” – SongMonster

Just last weekend I was bumping along in the club with my super slick guava stem and when I woke up the next morning – Woah. Who knows what would happen if the clubs play this track.

  1. “Marketing Done Right” – macaent

Please give me more tips on this thing you call marketing! Well, if I’m only left with this track then I can at least say, playing this stock track in your next promotional video might be key.

  1. “Twirling in the Long Grass” – Matthew Prins

Do you need peaceful, beautiful piano in your life? But wait, do you need LAYERS of cinematic, dreamlike pianos? Great, because this nostalgic stock track is your ticket.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: The Palette Project (Michael Schwartz)


Michael Schwartz is a video producer, documentary filmmaker, and former reporter. But beyond that, he is also suffering from a degenerative retinal disease called proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR).

What does that mean? For Michael, it means dealing with failing eyesight, and eventual blindness. As you can imagine, this has quite the impact on his profession. How do continue to be a visual storyteller when your eyes no longer function?

Michael is now working on a new documentary, The Palette Project, and is looking for support through his Kickstarter campaign, here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/600620645/the-palette-project-losing-my-sight-but-seeing-the

For this project, he will be traveling all across the world, and will be going to great lengths to show that folks with challenges like his own can still overcome significant hurdles to follow their dreams.

Consider supporting this valiant effort via the Kickstarter page he’s set up below!


@jordanmunson and his first REAL @wistia video



One of our TOTALLY FAVORITE AND LOVELY AND AWESOME FRIENDS, Wistia, does this cool little Friday blog feature called Non-Sequitur Fridays. Customer Champion Jordan Munson did his first official video (he’s done two other videos, but they don’t count, so stop asking) for his blog post today. Of course, he used @Tunefruit to find the perfect track.

Check it out by clicking here:


3 Videos that show off how to use Dubstep Stock Music


dubstep header

Shhh. Speak no more. I will unveil for you this mysterious creature. Show you the hidden strengths. LISTEN. it’s coming…


~womp ~womp~

~womp ~womp~womp~



Honestly, what did you think when someone said, “Hey, my chill bromigo, this new dubstep artist is playing tonight.”

Probably – “Hmmm, dubstep? A bunch of dudes all dreaded out taking giant steps in some new dance craze?” Then you heard this “dubstep,” and oh, it’s actually a bunch of giant aliens stomping on computers because to untrained ears –


Next came the jokes – “Button mashers!” “Hope the Geek Squad is attending Ultra!” “Yeah…I can hit the spacebar too!”

But, let’s face it. Whether you are into dubstep or not, the genre is here to stay. More specifically, certain companies have tapped into this genre of stock music because more often than not, attracting young millennials means creating a technologically infused adrenaline hype with this type of video soundtrack. Need an example? Take GoPro, a company who consistently pushes the limit to capture incredible footage and pull from dubstep stock music to provide a killer soundtrack:

To be honest, looking at how GoPro successfully dropped their IPO and is currently valued at $3 billion, they might just know the power of using rockin’ video with awesome dubstep stock music. Just look at how much cooler this baby is than all of us due to GoPro’s ingenuity:

Now maybe you’re thinking – “It’s cool but our company doesn’t cater to extreme sports.” Don’t sweat. If you even dabble in the young, up-and-coming market, check out apparel gurus G Star Raw and their fresh video:

So, no. Dubstep is not for every marketing campaign. But do you want that hip sound all the youth have in their ears? Do you want your brand to push the envelope and appeal to the young, technologically savvy masses?

Then dive into our dubstep stock music and allow that background music to drop a wobble beat: Tunefruit Dubstep Stock Music

-Guava a.k.a. DJ Daddy G (but not really…I wish)

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Finding Royalty Free Music for Graduation Day


Oh boy, oh Boy, oh Boy…we are getting mighty close to graduation, are we not? And of course, with all the planning for finals, tests, final tests, grades, exams, and such, students and parents are just trying to make it to Graduation with most of the hair on their head decently intact. Do you have the right music for all those videos that will likely be made by dear mom and dad? Or as a professional videographer, maybe you’re looking for the perfect classic graduation track.

Buddy, we got you covered.

Here’s a quick playlist: Royalty Free Pomp and Circumstance Music

And a specific music track of Pomp and Circumstance for Graduation Music


Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Does Mother’s Day music even exist?



Hey there.

It’s sort of funny to think about, but does Mother’s Day really have a specific type of music that the holiday is associated with?

Is it all happy ukulele and bouncy rhythms like this track: Ukulele Music For Mother’s Day

Or maybe it’s lovey-dovey (is that how you spell that totally crazy word thing?) and kind-hearted piano music: Piano Music For Mother’s Day

You know what, it’s probably more about the strings and harps: String and Harp Music for Mother’s Day

Maybe it doesn’t matter…your mom will love you know matter what type of music you license for this gloriously awesome day of mom celebration.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Wistia and Finding Music For Your Video


Because Wistia has got to be one of the coolest little (not-so-much-anymore) video hosting and analytics firms in this great nation of ours (umurica), they decided to do a video on finding music for your video.


You know who they included as a great resource of music for video?



Do yourself a huge favor and watch this 5ish long video about how to pick the right music for your next project.

You can check the video out here: http://wistia.com/learning/choosing-music-for-your-video

And…wait, there’s more. Wistia is offering free music from their own in-house music producer, Dan Mills, too. Free is always fun! Just click below:


Tunefruit is Going Bananas: A Little Wistia Shoutout

Our very good friends over at Wistia (ok, we’re not good friends in the lets-go-see-a-movie-together kind of way, but we do return each other’s phone calls and emails) made a thoughtful little mention of us in their most recent (and last) Top Hat Tuesday blog post.

While their Top Hat idea might not have had long-term viability, we were happy to be a small part of it (we supplied the old-timey music they used).

If you don’t already know about @wistia, you probably should take two minutes and check them out. They are one of the top alternatives to YouTube for professional video hosting.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Malone and Co. and Mango

Because Kate over at Malone & Co. is pretty much the coolest person ever, she thought of us when she saw this subway art in NYC (which is short for New York City, a place where dreams come true and rent is $4 per square foot…whoa). Thankfully, she had a black permanent marker in her purse and scrawled MANGO next to the boombox dude.

OK…I made up that last part, but Kate sure didn’t clarify whether the name was there before or only AFTER she snapped the shot. That’s straight baller, and Kate, we love you for it. You go ahead and show NYC what Nebraska is all about.