Choosing the Right Stock Music for Your Online Marketing Video (Explainify Guest Post)

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Eric Hinson is the Founder and CEO of Explainify, specializing in short, engaging explainer videos for businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about how Explainify helps companies tell their stories, check out their portfolio


Music is important.

That sentence may seem simplistic, or like the beginning of a third-grade essay, but bear with me. In the modern world, we take music for granted. It can become background noise, like traffic zooming by or crickets chirping. We hear it in bars and night clubs, in our cars, and in our earbuds. We are saturated in sound, so it’s easy to forget the psychological, emotional, and even spiritual impact that music has on the human experience.

In other words, music is important. Music is powerful. And if you’re a marketer looking to provide solid video content to your customers, you must pair that content with a great soundtrack. Don’t settle for cheesy, or cheap, or cliche! You want to pick the perfect track – one that matches your video perfectly. Let’s explore a few reasons why.

1. Music Matters

Like I said, we are saturated in music, so it’s easy to forget how important it is. But imagine a nightclub without a killer beat. Or a towering steeple without an angelic choir. Or a Star Wars film without a John Williams soundtrack. Music fills space in a way that physical objects – and even other sounds – simply can’t. And when music is absent, we notice.

But we also notice bad music, don’t we? I can remember dozens of times that I’ve walked the aisles at the drugstore with “Hungry Like the Wolf” or “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” blaring through cheap speakers in the background.

In the same way, if your video has no music (or even worse, low-quality, cheesy music), your viewers will notice. It will jar them, disorient them, and distract them from the story you’re trying tell. On the other hand, a top-notch soundtrack will blend with your video, fill the space between visuals, and engage your audience in a way that visuals alone can’t.

2. Music Can Make or Break a Video

When I started brainstorming for this blog post, I immediately thought of two commercials, both by soft-drink companies. One is for Coke, and features Queen’s “I Want to Break Free.” The other, by Dr. Pepper, uses Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything for Love.” These videos have a lot in common: They’re funny. They’re memorable. But most importantly, they’re funny and memorable because of the music. Sure the visuals are fantastic, but these songs enhanced the two commercials immeasurably. The point is, music plays a huge role in making a video great.

Music can also break a video. Think about radio jingles. I’m assuming there was probably a time when radio jingles worked, but that time was decades ago. Now, jingles garner groans and eye-rolls, not sales.

While you’re probably (hopefully!) not planning on using a jingle in your video, let this be an object lesson for you. Because as I said above, a cheesy, low-quality soundtrack will wreck your video, leaving your audience distracted and disinterested in your message.

3. Music Engages the Senses and Emotions

We’ve all been moved by beautiful music. Perhaps you’ve been moved by a transcendent classical sonata, pumped up by Metallica, or cried like a baby while listening to Rod Stewart. A great song can draw us in, hooking us by the emotions and leaving us changed. And, when you appeal to your audience’s emotions, they’re more likely to pay attention, remember what you said, and buy what you’re selling. Like Tunefruit’s own Peach says, “Music is mind control.”

But music doesn’t just engage the emotions; it also appeals to our senses. And when you combine music with the visuals and motion in your video, you’re appealing to a handful of senses all at once. This is science! If you stimulate multiple senses simultaneously, people are more like to pay attention and remember your message. So with a great soundtrack, you can appeal to your audience’s senses and emotions. That’s a serious one-two punch that gets your audience taking notice and taking action.

A Shameless Plug for Tunefruit

All of this to say, you absolutely want a soundtrack for your online marketing videos. And you want it to be a good one. But maybe you don’t have a small fortune to license “Party in the USA” or to have a custom soundtrack composed.

What do you do?

Stock music is the name of the game. Pre-recorded, instrumental tracks that capture a particular mood or emotion are a great way to give your video strong, musical backing; for the vast majority of our animated video productions at Explainify, stock tracks are perfect.

We’re Tunefruit’s biggest fans. They have more tracks than we know what to do with, and none of them are cheesy. Want proof? Just take a  look at a couple of our videos that make use of Tunefruit tracks:

We’ve come to rely on the guys at Tunefruit exclusively when we need a stock track. They’ve also become our friends, and that’s not uncommon for them – they’re not just looking to sell you music, they’re looking to develop a long-term relationship with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse the phat tracks at Tunefruit, and turn your online video into a sales-making machine with some killer music.