Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: BITE Beauty

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This latest featured stock music license gives this fruit (Mango) an opportunity to make plenty of fruit jokes (our featured license is BITE Beauty), but….no. I’m not doing it. I will not bite.


Ok, so a little bit about BITE Beauty. Bite Beauty is a natural lip care company operating out of downtown Toronto. Their mission is to create lipstick that is high performance and healthy enough to eat for women everywhere.

As they say on the site…

“This is where we keep our inspirations – things we see, things we hear, things we wear. We’ll share what we can and teach what we know.”

This video is a sweet little wrap of what happens behind the scenes at a BITE Beauty shoot. As you would expect, it looks pretty much like a photo shoot for Tunefruit…eh…not really.

Check out BITE Beauty here:

bite site

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Spinweb

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The fine folks over at SpinWeb saw fit to drop some yummy Tunefruit stock music on their latest offering, SpinRadio.

Based in Indianapolis (shout-out to the midwest!) SpinWeb is a digital agency specializing in corporate website design, inbound marketing, and app development.

Their SpinRadio program, hosted by Michael Reynolds (President/CEO) and Abby Stearns (Director of Business Development) from the SpinWeb team, broadcasts every Friday at 10am Eastern LIVE to help you (yes!) with inbound marketing and sales strategy. They take questions from listeners via and email. They also live tweet with the hashtag #SpinRadio.

Click the screenshot below to check out their podcast:


Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Cornell Forge (prod. by Malone & Co.)

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Our latest stock music license comes from the studios of Malone & Co. They produced this awesomely metal brand video for Cornell Forge Company. Cornell is an American forging company (family-owned and open for more than 80 years!), and they can forge just about anything a customer needs. Like what? Well, glad you asked, buddy…

They handle press, hammer, near-net, and net forgings. This fruit has no idea what any of that is, but just watching them work the steel in video makes me want to find out 🙂

Want to learn a little more about Cornell Forge Company? Click below:


Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Sprint (prod. by Elevate Pictures)

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elevate pictures

Elevate Pictures, based out of C-Town (do people call Columbus this?), Ohio (it’s high in the middle, yo) produced this nice motion graphics project for Sprint using some sweet, sweet Tunefruit music.

Want to learn more about Elevate Pictures and the totally awesome video and film work they provide to clients? Of course you do. Click the screenshot below, dude.

elevate pictures website

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: mNectar (prod. by Explainify)

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Those incredible mavens of motion graphics, those wizards-of-explainer-video-goodness are at it again with this Explainify-produced video for mNectar.

mNectar is sorta cool. They allow app companies, publishers, developers, etc. to have potential customers sample their app inside of in-app advertisements.

So instead of just some boring and staid ad experience, you can actually play around with a new app without having to download it first….a try-before-you-buy experience that’s hard to beat. Because…it’s literally free. And that is FREE-king awesome.

Check out mNectar right here:


Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Yulair

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Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 4.36.05 PM

The latest project from Wonderlust Media is for the company Yulair, a neat-o idea of are-you-ready-to-fly-anywhere-right-now air travel on-the-cheap.

So many dashes…but it’s the easiest way to explain what they do, you know?

Here’s their philosophy…

Yulair is the new way to travel!

It means including travelling in your lifestyle and being ready to leave for destinations and trips you haven’t even imagined. That’s our way to discover the world.

With Yulair you need to be flexible in your schedule and in your destination choices. When a good offer pops, you should be ready!

Want to go to Budapest in February for less than a grand? Of course you do, brother. Pack your bags, there’s nothing stopping you. Unless you have a job….or a girlfriend. Or a kid. But seriously, this fruit thinks you get the idea.


Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: MagicBlock

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You’ve got kids (or little fruits, in our case), and you want to protect them from…stuff. You know what I’m talking about. The stuff that might get you kicked out of Ms. Webber’s class in 7th grade Home Ec. The stuff that grandma warns you about when you head to Amsterdam’s Red Light District during your first year of college.

As an adult, knowing how to safely navigate the net (or interwebs, for you fun nicknames folks) is second nature, but what about the young ones in the family? Their insatiable appetite for all things ahem…interesting, can lead them down many less-than-savory paths, and into the arms of some exceptionally questionable websites.

Worry not, mom and dad, because you now have a simple and effective option to protect the eyes of your kids…MagicBlock.

It’s sort of like Ronco. Set it and forget it. Just plug your internet box thingy into the this puppy (a wi-fi router) and it handles all the heavy lifting…it just knows what to block, and what not to block.

Want to learn more about MagicBlock? Sure you do. Click the screenshot above.

We’re thrilled they decided to use Tunefruit Stock Music for their video.


Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: New Penn Financial (prod. by Chomp Pictures)

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG


And now, gentlemen, and gentlewomen, the latest work from a great hometown production company, Chomp Pictures.

They, ahem…crunched the numbers (yes, we made a financial joke while talking about a financial video, get over it), and came up with a very helpful explainer-style live-action video to help customers understand what they bring to Mortgage Lending.

If you’re digging the video work that Chomp is rocking, go ahead and check out their series of Atlanta Braves videos…they use babies and humor, and we like both of those things, so… yeah.

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Madame Sazerac, Produced by ShineCreative.tv

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

This short film introduces Madame Sazerac, a beautiful fortune teller who makes cocktails as potions for the woes of her clients. Shine Creative created this as an example of branded content that could run as a series where each presents a new client with a new cocktail.

Nice work, Shine!

And all jokes aside, just a few days into this new year, I think everyone here in the Tunefruit offices would love to sip on a Sazerac RIGHT NOW.

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Children’s Hospital of Omaha (prod. by Malone & Co.)

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children's Omaha

The story told at this year’s Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation gala was of Katelyn Larsen, who had a life-saving heart transplant at Children’s Hospital in Omaha. Katelyn’s family lived more than 60 miles from Omaha and was able to stay at the current Rainbow House during her treatment, recovery and follow-up visits.

Children’s is in the process of finishing the NEW Carol Scott Rainbow House.

As told to us by Malone & Co.:

“Obviously we needed lots of emotion with when it came to the music for this video. We knew needed to portray the deep emotion of Katelyn’s mom and doctor and then transported the viewers to the hopeful, warm and much-needed support the Rainbow house provides. With Tunefruit’s Project Center, we were able to pull a variety of pieces in and select, try them in our edit and find the perfect match.”

Learn more about Children’s Hospital in Omaha by clicking on the screenshot below: