Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks: Wonderful You

Check it out: Wonderful You

Ah yes, you jazzy cats, it’s time for a little bit o’ swing up in this muther. Speakeasies, hooch, flappers, the whole nine yards, my dear Jelly Roll. If what you need is a royalty free music track that sounds like you just pulled it from a 1920’s radio show, buddy, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Because this is it. Look no further, my dear readers, for I present to you a swingin’, jazzy, toe-tapping good time track. This thing is all up in the Glenn Miller and Louis Armstrong. Vintage-sounding with mono-ish recording and vinyl fuzz, it’s the real deal.

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Playa de Caleta

Check it out: Playa de Caleta

I’m going to just go out on a limb here and say this track has ‘beastly’ qualities. I’m using the B word in a super-duper positive sort of way. With elements of Bond, Klezmer (look it up, shiksa), and lounge, this royalty free music track is just all over the place. It’s sparsely populated in a production sense, so the groove has room to breathe. There are trumpets and rhodes pianos trading jabs and such, too. This entire track is built to be spy movie-friendly.


Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Salsa Festival

Check it out: Salsa Festival

In honor of Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), we head down south of the border where we are featuring a decidedly NON-Muertos-inspired telenovela-ready jam. While this  royalty free music track clocks in at a tight 60 seconds, it’s perfect for a TV bumper on a telemundo-ish type show. Or, if you are a fan of the USA show Burn Notice, think of this track as a nice feature in a Salsa club in South Beach. It’s ready to bump, margarita in hand.

Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks: Halloween

Does somebody need their mummy? MUHAHAHAHAHA….oh jeez. I can’t do this. Here’s the deal: You waited til the last minute and now you need a Halloween track for a video you are working on. Smooth move, dude (or dudette). Don’t sweat it, though. We have you covered.

Check out our royalty free music tracks for Halloween right here: Halloween Tracks

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Heights

Check it out: Heights

Sometimes you just need a thoughtful, beautiful royalty free music track for your project, right? Like…you want everyone who sees your project to start balling like a big baby. This track is probably the going to get you the tears you are so desperately looking for. Singing about being ‘scared of heights’, the song is really about being able (or not being able) to take that next step in life. Melody Ann Jones pairs her voice with simple piano and guitar to help punctuate the heartache and worry that the song conveys.

Listen to more of Melody Ann Jones: Tunefruit Playlist

Similar Artists: Sarah McLachlan, Michelle Branch, Natalie Imbruglia

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: The Pub Party

Check it out: The Pub Party

This Royalty Free Music track is some kind of crazy Irish Quirk fest. Don’t rush to twitter to check #irishquirkfest, it’s not there. Basically, take the Dropkick Murphys and mix in a little bit o’ whistle, and you get this Dublin Jam. Washed in Whiskey and Guinness, this St. Patrick’s ready track is all you need to get this jig thing started.

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Bend or Break

Check it out: Bend or Break

With all the talk on sites like Pitchfork about indie rock this, and bearded hipsters that, it’s easy to quickly forget about the type of rock that this fine nation was built on. And it’s just as easy to forget where much this nation-rock (I don’t know…just go with it, ok?) comes from…and that place is…the Fly Over states. Yeah, the FYS’s wants you to know that they like their bands the same way they like their food….meaty, friend…and potato-y (the Tunefruit comparison and analogy generator is not working today, so just deal, ok?).

You want Hinder? check. Audioslave? double-check. Seether? triple-check. That mid-90’s band you can’t-remember-the-name-of (their name is Fuel)? quadruple-check.

This royalty-free music track helps bring back the flood of memories from all your mis-spent days of youth in the 90s. Just let it ride. Like listening to the soundtrack to Road Trip or American Pie, it’s oh-so good.

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Spire

Check it Out: Spire

Editor’s Note: Click on Link first…then read this post…

Dude…you ever just think about stuff? You know, like…what…what if all the air in the world was full of free radicals, and then…all of a sudden, the free radicals were just gone. Ya know…like they left our universe, and went to some other place in the Milky Way. Would that change anything? GAAAAHHHH….It’s melting my brain. But…like…I like having my brain melted. I just want to float away, through all those millions of stars, and pluto, and the moon, and see what’s really out there…ya know? And uh…I want to make sure I’m listening to this rally space-y jazzish, new-agey-ish royalty free music track. Because this track is totes awesome.

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Busting Loose

Check it Out: Busting Loose

Who doesn’t like the pulsating, pounding, absolutely friggin’ scary/nasty (take your pick) Fear Factor franchise? With contestants being tasked (and choosing) to eat live spiders and cow testicles, jump into raw sewage, shave off their eye brows, and kidnap their in-laws (OK,  maybe that never happened), this show set the bar for reality show craziness. But you know what? It had absolutely KILLER music, and it sounded like a cross between an eastern European orchestra and a Michael Bay movie car explosion. Well, good news, we have hundreds of these types of thunderous, driving, royalty free music tracks.

We particularly like the track above. With big strings, HUGE drum and percussion sections, and multiple sections, you can edit to your heart’s content and have a supremely professional sounding soundtrack for your video project! Click it now and listen!

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Battle

Check it Out: Battle

Upon the glory of our most high king, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, we ask for thy blessing, and that he, a rock god among no other rock god, will see fit to bestow his gaze on our burnt offering of PROGRESSIVE…EPIC…SLAMMING…instrumental ROCK.

This royalty free music track, Battle, by rybytskyy, will tear your freaking face off, throw it in the gutter, and never apologize for doing so. It recalls Jason Becker, Joe Stump, Yngwie, Macalpine, Petrucci. And uh…it’s a freaking duel guitar attack, with the guitars actually DUELING. Automatic Girl Repellent, yes? But who cares, because girls are pretty much icky with cooties, and if they don’t want to rock, they can just stay home and listen to Hall & Oates. Watch out for the keys on this track too, as they keep everything glued together with the pounding drums, and slippery guitar lines!