On the Vine ~ 5 Keys to Epic Year-End Recap Corporate Videos

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The corporate holiday party is like watching Kanye West at an awards show… could be the most memorable event of the year, the most dreaded, or both.  It’s gonna be the legendary lore of countless water cooler chats, why not make a year-end recap video the star of the party? (…instead of Sheila’s bad sheet cake.) Here’s five tips on how to make your ‘year in review’ one to remember.

Make a video with heart.

When creating content for an office, we think of execs and admins and folks with straight faces (and too-tight Windsor knots). Corporate content is so business-y and straight-laced. Fun gets left off the table. But this video isn’t a training video or a compliance manifesto, it’s a chance to remind people about the good things from the year. Step out of your corporate box. (fun but dignified, let’s not get HR involved here) Don’t let work and fun be at odds. Take this opportunity to highlight successes in a wondrous way (think cat videos and car karaoke). Three-piece suit or birthday suit, everybody likes to laugh.

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All-star call outs are a must.

Finding ways to show appreciation to people up and down the ladder goes a long way in creating goodwill and company loyalty. Your company had a great year! Sure we can produce a PowerPoint that traces the ‘fiscal appreciation index metric’ to the sales peeps and C-suite, but what about us worker bees? What about the lunch lady? The UPS guy? Tom who does… something I guess? Shout’m out, make’m feel loved. Feature interviews with team members across all departments. Ask them about how they rocked this year. Yell “Action!” and watch the smiles spread

Use a drone whenever possible.

Ever seen a drone video you weren’t interested in? I think not. But, if you don’t have an office video drone (sad), apply the idea to a new perspective. Don’t just film a bunch of interviews of people in front of a wall, or sitting at a desk. Change the scenery, be spontaneous! Release your inner Alan Smithee. Film all your interviews with a snapchat filter even! Little unexpected adaptations can make a pretty mundane video way more engaging.

Edit. Edit. Edit. Then edit some more.

Regardless of how amazing and engaging you believe your ideas are, don’t make your video too long. People love highlight reels and sum-ups, not an entire year in real time. You want lots of faces, and none for too long. Feature the ensemble. Force yourself to keep your content crisp, succinct and keep your flow flowing. Make a greatest hits reel, not an anthology.

Add hot fudge, whip cream, and a cherry.

Take that video to the next level with graphics, images, filters, and a sweet soundtrack. Show the world your team is energized, accomplished, and successful. (We just so happen to have plenty of perfect royalty free music for any corporate video, ahem.)

Year-end videos don’t have to be so serious, and they certainly shouldn’t be boring. Use them as a channel to make your staff feel good about what they’ve been doing. Excite them to take on the new year. Hey, make your video great enough, and maybe people will work harder just to make it to the highlight reel next year! We’re not saying a great year-end recap video can make your company party amazing, it’s no mechanical bull, but we’re not saying it can’t.

No matter what type of video you’re making for your business, Tunefruit has the royalty free background music your video needs. Go check out our site and you’ll see!