Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: MagicBlock

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG
You’ve got kids (or little fruits, in our case), and you want to protect them from…stuff. You know what I’m talking about. The stuff that might get you kicked out of Ms. Webber’s class in 7th grade Home Ec. The stuff that grandma warns you about when you head to Amsterdam’s Red Light District during your first year of college.

As an adult, knowing how to safely navigate the net (or interwebs, for you fun nicknames folks) is second nature, but what about the young ones in the family? Their insatiable appetite for all things ahem…interesting, can lead them down many less-than-savory paths, and into the arms of some exceptionally questionable websites.

Worry not, mom and dad, because you now have a simple and effective option to protect the eyes of your kids…MagicBlock.

It’s sort of like Ronco. Set it and forget it. Just plug your internet box thingy into the this puppy (a wi-fi router) and it handles all the heavy lifting…it just knows what to block, and what not to block.

Want to learn more about MagicBlock? Sure you do. Click the screenshot above.

We’re thrilled they decided to use Tunefruit Stock Music for their video.


“Loving it” Weekly January 26th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 25

  1. “Small Beginnings” – CitySound

If you can’t imagine small flowers budding when listening to this then I just DON’T GET YOU! This sweet, warming stocking music track helps build your business up from the idea to its final foundation.

  1. “Hesitation” – stevericemusic

Before we get lost in all these bleeps and bloops on our iTelephones, drum up the 30’s or 40’s in your mind. Think about those old jazz clubs and huddle up close as you listen to this love ballad between piano and violin.

  1. “That Special Feel” – GoldenEar

Nothing like a track that has a nice, simple balance of strings and piano; layered softly with guitar and brass to evoke a building sense of hope and achievement.

  1. “Bottom of the Sea (Vocals)” – DhruvaAllman

Turn on Hit 1 on your SiriusXm radio and I just wouldn’t be surprised if you heard this track playing in the background. Male vocals surface with a mysterious, dramatic effect and the beat just pushes the danceability behind this electronic stock music track.

  1. “American Indie Folk” – TwinDragon

I’m always a fan of homegrown. Homegrown pickles. Homegrown socks. Homegrown hair. Don’t care. But even above all that goodness, I love homegrown Americana music. Take a listen.

  1. “Emerald” – perboysen

Have you even heard of a 12-stringed Chapman Stick Guitar?!? I haven’t OK. Well, safe to say I need to get my hands on more tracks like this featuring such a beautiful, harp-like sound.

  1. “Adventure” – Small Ocean

HARK! My fellow adventure fruit buddies! We must strike out into the unknown and hunt for a small ring or a great sword or something super fantasy-like! (Don’t worry I’ll be playing this track in the background to make everyone feel adventurous.)

  1. “Memories” – CidricKRistian

With all the snow going on in the North East, this makes for the perfect melancholic stock music track as you stare out your window looking back on childhood memories of winter.

  1. “My First Bicycle” – Pixelee

If my first bike ride was anything like this cute children’s stock music track than I would be winning the Tour de France every year since I was five. But we can’t all be wonderful on our first try.

  1. “Fantastic Space” – GJMarshall

For the last track, I’m going to take you guys off into distant space and then leave you on a planet. BYE! Nah, just use your imagination and feel yourself floating in a black hole just like Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar.

“Loving it” Weekly January 19th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 24

  1. “The Great Wilderness” – AGsoundtrax

I’m going to open this playlist up with a nice scenic and expansive cinematic stock music track. I can finally leave the ground as just a guava bean and fly over the mountains perched on my pet eagle!

  1. “Time Strand” – bonnenhood

You know what I love about this track – slappin’ da bass! Lot of good polyrhythms going on in this bad boy and this is a perfect business corporate stock music track for all your needs.

  1. “Hopeful Striving” – runfirestop

Think your business team is the best? Believe that you can close those accounts?! WIN THOSE DEALS! NO?!? Listen to this awesome and uplifting stock track to believe in yourself!

  1. “Latin Vacation Adventure” – hakan-eriksson

Sometimes you think ah yes vacation! How relaxing this will be! Rarely do you think vaction + adventure, but if my adventure consists of hanging out with this full Samba orchestra, then I am in.

  1. “Secret Dreams” – miniorchestra

Just wrap yourself deep under the covers tonight and let your imagination drift off to this beautiful, piano stock music track. Nothing says peaceful, warm and thoughtful like a well played piano.

  1. “Studio 54” – Jon Purdey

I know I have some plaid shirts and bell bottoms somewhere! This disco stock music track is a blast from the past all the way to the 1970’s. I never was allowed in Studio 54, but with this track, I might have a chance.

  1. “Intimate Waves” – Francesco Giovannangel

Sometimes, the title really envelopes the sound. In this case, imagine yourself floating on your back in a wide, expansive ocean. The water is body temperature and you can’t tell if you are floating in space or bobbing in the ocean’s deep.

  1. “Le Voila Votre Scarabee” – Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis

This is one instrumental that is truly a rich orchestration of strings to bring out a warm, fun stock music track. Perfect track for anything that needs to be lovely, fun and enjoyable to watch.

  1. “Sax Solo Jazz” – reallife4

Looking for a night out on the town with your loved one? Better yet, are you looking for an intimate date with private saxophone solos?? Look no further and listen to this romantic, jazzy stock music track.

  1. “Avenging Eli” – Luke Gartner-Brereton

Have you ever met Eli? If not, don’t dare get on his bad side or he will crush you with the most beautiful Bolivian ronroco! You won’t even be able to move because the music is just too exotic and sweet for the ears!!!

Tunefruit Tech and Music Mashup – Entry #7 (Make Music With A Glove)


Who doesn’t want to make music by just waving their hands?

That process is much quicker and less time consuming than slicing up .wav files in Logic Audio.  Well, that reality is now upon us thanks to music gloves created by British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap.  She has recently embraced this technology by creating musical gloves called Mi.Mu.  Each glove is configured with buttons and sensors that send information back to a computer when your hands are in motion.  This allows the artist to create music more organically by following natural body motions.

The project initially started as a Kickstarter campaign.  A collaboration between MIT’s media lab and Imogen, the entire process took about 5 years to create.  Known for her distinctive fusion of soft acoustic and electronica sounds, Imogen Heap hopes the gloves will also help bring her music to fans in a more tangible way.  Artists such as Ariana Grande have recently taken notice, reportedly scheduled to utilize the gloves on an upcoming tour.

I think this form of wearable tech definitely provides the ability for people who are not musicians to actually create music.  I am even seeing an application for children in schools.  This would provide them a fun, active way to learn about music while exploring their creativity.  This type of technology definitely merges music and movement.  Traditional musicians have always been moving while playing instruments on stage.   However, with the advent of electronic music, movement while creating music may be restrained to a constant head nod.  It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on the music itself.  As wearable technology continues to expand,  I am sure we will see similar innovations like this later on down the line.

What do you think? Drop a comment in the comment section below.

cantaloupe 1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Derrick Pryce (known as Cantaloupe at Tunefruit) is a music producer and keyboard player based in Atlanta, GA.  His current release is entitled Kebomusic Presents: The Experience, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. In addition to music, he is very much interested in technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital. He thinks mixing them all up would be fantastic. For more information, check out www.kebomusic.com.

“Loving it” Weekly January 12th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 23

  1. “Nighttime in Toronto” – aaronsaloman

Cruising the streets at night in downtown Toronto. Snowdrifts on either side as you head out past midnight. Perfect ambient, indie stock music track to just let your worries float away.

  1. “Easy Lover (Vocals)” – wavebuffet

The immediate thought when the retro track comes on is “hmm sounds like a swinging good time at a 1930’s speakeasy.” But then there’s the quirky twist of the DJ scratch to truly make this a unique track.

  1. “Airfall” – deanwolfecs

Nothing like a sweet, sentimental children’s stock music track to bring a smile to your day. The lovely blend of strings, ukulele and xylophone makes what could be an ordinary track, extraordinary for your commercial needs.

  1. “White Knight (Instrumental)” – Charlotte Wrinch

Woah, here in an impressive track played by studio musicians. Just what type of stock music track you may ask? Well, this here is a laid back, latin jazzy groove to take you to warmer weather during this bitterly cold winter.

  1. “Melangerie” – Joachim

Remember Macklemore’s “Same Love” that became a chart topping phenomenon? Well “Melangerie” makes for nice competition with a similar young and hopeful attitude in this hip hop track.

  1. “Upbeat Synth Party” – TheNationalPool

I’d like to imagine that a synth party involves just an insane amount of people on synths and zero music knowledge. But unlike that terrible idea, TheNationalPool has the perfect blend of synths to make for an awesome, upbeat electronica stock music track.

  1. “Driving Into Danger” – Owen

Oftentimes I try to just stay out of other people’s business, but Owen do NOT knowingly drive into danger! Sheesh. Can’t you hear the ambient and ominous cinematic stock music??

  1. “Translucent Light” – Draum

Sometimes a track comes on for just a few seconds and you know you’re feeling it. Perhaps it’s the opening piano line in this case. Definitely love this electronic, pop track to get me grooving.

  1. “Horizon” – perboysen

Slow to build, “Horizon” is a dreamlike state of reflection as you drive in the desert off into the horizon. Trust me on that. This ambient, rock stock music track builds to lovely spaced out crescendo.

  1. “Meant To Be (Big Band Backtrack)” – TroyKline

We don’t get a massive influx of big band stock music tracks, but Mr. Kline has provided one of the best we’ve heard in a while. Great work on taking me back to my youthful berry days sipping on cocktails in the lounge.

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: New Penn Financial (prod. by Chomp Pictures)

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG


And now, gentlemen, and gentlewomen, the latest work from a great hometown production company, Chomp Pictures.

They, ahem…crunched the numbers (yes, we made a financial joke while talking about a financial video, get over it), and came up with a very helpful explainer-style live-action video to help customers understand what they bring to Mortgage Lending.

If you’re digging the video work that Chomp is rocking, go ahead and check out their series of Atlanta Braves videos…they use babies and humor, and we like both of those things, so… yeah.

“Loving it” Weekly January 8th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 22

  1. “Bye Bye Bad Luck Love” – jessicalellemusic

Nobody needs bad luck love. Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. So with this very warm and loving stock track, we shall say goodbye to such luck and embrace the happier times.

  1. “Cool Raindrops” – Jonathan Wright

I need this elegant stock track playing in the background whenver I put on my perfectly tailored guava fruit suit. Love the sense of luxury, pride, wonder and a touch of nostalgia.

  1. “Curiosites” – Fabrice Ravelle-Chapuis

Woah. This is some impressive music right here. Love the combo of strings, clarinet and piano. You are correct Fabrice, is this dark and dangerous or something exotic and enticing?

  1. “Lost Faith” – TOYINVENTION

Ugh, yeah y’all feel that? Urban HIP HOP stock music track. Batten down the hatches ‘erbody. Guava is gonna roll deep with this dark, sleek track in the background.

  1. “Rising from the Ashes” – Scoreweaver

Soooo I’m going to need this hip cinematic stock track playing every time I wake up in the morning. Great embodiment of rising from the bottom to the top with a contemporary feel.

  1. “Wings Of Destiny” – Kubed

I’m so bad at basketball. Literally can’t even make a layup 50% of the time. BUT if I put on a brand new pair of Nike’s and play this dubstep/electronic track, I’d be like Kobe 2.0.

  1. “Dragonfly” – ludwigamadeus

Here is a great, breezy acoustic track. But not just any ol’ acoustic sounding track, there is the perfect blend of electronic sound with the peaceful strumming. Listen and float away.

  1. “Club Hair” – SongMonster

Just last weekend I was bumping along in the club with my super slick guava stem and when I woke up the next morning – Woah. Who knows what would happen if the clubs play this track.

  1. “Marketing Done Right” – macaent

Please give me more tips on this thing you call marketing! Well, if I’m only left with this track then I can at least say, playing this stock track in your next promotional video might be key.

  1. “Twirling in the Long Grass” – Matthew Prins

Do you need peaceful, beautiful piano in your life? But wait, do you need LAYERS of cinematic, dreamlike pianos? Great, because this nostalgic stock track is your ticket.

Tunefruit Featured Stock Music License: Madame Sazerac, Produced by ShineCreative.tv

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

This short film introduces Madame Sazerac, a beautiful fortune teller who makes cocktails as potions for the woes of her clients. Shine Creative created this as an example of branded content that could run as a series where each presents a new client with a new cocktail.

Nice work, Shine!

And all jokes aside, just a few days into this new year, I think everyone here in the Tunefruit offices would love to sip on a Sazerac RIGHT NOW.

“Loving it” Weekly January 2nd Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


I know you all have been waiting for it! Here’s this week’s taste of some fresh new music coming into our library that I just absolutely love!

Listen Now: “Loving it” Stock Music Playlist Week 21

  1. “Optimistic Acoustic Guitars” – BlueberryMusic

Nothing like waking up to some cheerful acoustic guitars strumming away. This is a great stock music track to put a smile on your face while driving through the mountains.

  1. “Boundless” – Abbas Premjee

Great title for this stock track. Boundless determination and will. I’m definitely digging this and so should anyone looking to seize the day after waking up to a house without coffee.

  1. “Zeppelins with Buttoxes” – dreikelvin

Not going to lie, had to click on this track because of the title. What to expect? No clue but now that I’m listening, I love the percussive marimba and synth to make this a magical piece.

  1. “Ships Passing in the Night” – Matthew Prins

This is a beautiful stock music track. Mr. Prins uses just the right combo of piano and strings to really make your imagination sail away with those ships passing in the night. B-e-a-utiful.

  1. “Backward Clocks” – Martin Riopel

So has anyone made me that custom Batman suit I requested for Christmas this year? Cause after hearing this cinematic stock track, I really need that suit to fight crime as GUAVAMAN!

  1. “Temptation (Vocals)” – Gregory Davis

Temptation, seduction, love, romance, and lovely female vocals! This worldly, middle eastern track is pretty much AMAZING. Mr. Davis, if you could kindly see if this singer loves fruit? Thx.

  1. “Finding a Dream” – JM Scherf

Hold on tight! This little guava fruit is going to finally achieve his dreams of becoming the best smoothie known to mankind. Now I’m just going to keep playing this track on repeat.

  1. “All the Way” – stevecollom

Strap yourself in for this stock track. If you need attitude, rock, and a hybrid orchestral mix in your life, I highly suggest giving this a listen. I’m going to go hop on my bike and ride now.

  1. “More than Today” – StephenMarx

Feeling a little bit youthful and angsty today? Give this indie track a listen and make sure to wear your skinny jeans, v-neck and hornrimmed glasses. Love the groove to this track.

10.“Snow” – David Sestay

I’m going to cap the playlist off with a little shout out to winter and the time of snow. This is a great ambient stock track to let your mind wander off into deep snow drifts and snowflakes.