“Loving it” Weekly June 30h Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist



I bet you’re confused between ol’ Huck and me. Don’t be! We’re just switching it up between our music tastes to keep it extra fresh for you! So here are my weekly top stock music picks from our new arrivals, which made me absolutely love it.

1. “Inbetween” – Phil1975

Yo, Phil from 1975, this is some nice psychedelic prog-rock right here! I am definitely getting down to this groove. I like that you’re not ashamed of showing your age and killer style.

2. “Echoes From The East” – Anton Atom

I’m am stranded in an ambandoned Eastern country. Surrounded by desolation and destruction. Walking with my faithful dog at my side. My last hope. Looking out into the wind. Looking for life.

3. “Paper In Oil Madrigals” – Keensonic

Apparently they’re already making a Blade Runner 2. That’s 2 bad…ahem…but no, seriously, we need to get this song into that movie score pronto. I’ll call Harrison tomorrow.

4. “Lazy Summer Nights” – Score Studio

What is better than a low-key, lazy summer night? Throwing a little bit of the saxophone in there. Want to melt a woman’s heart over a nice glass of wine and setting sun? Play this song.

5. “A World of Wonder (instrumental)” – theflightaway

Grab your neon wind-breaker!  We are all meeting up, jogging, and I’ll play this throw-back 80’s song through a boom box placed my shoulder. Then we’re watching Breakfast Club.

6. “The Dark Forest” – Jaap Visser

I typically avoid dark forests at all costs. You think any fruit is down to just meander into some shady area?? Bears and all that jazz?!? But I’d maybe dabble as a knight in this thrilling song.

7. “Fascinations” – Sparinksy

Picture a slowly spinning ballerina; then add some slightly haunting elements. Next, insert a creepy clown face in the back window. Ok, now I’m just freaking myself out while I listen…

8. “Memories > Moments” – musikopedie

First off, Mr musikopedie, congratulations on using a mathematical symbol in your title. Second, he’s right, memories capture moments, so travel to the past and spin slowly while you listen.

9. “5am” – ludwigamadeus

I would be so excited if my 5 am’s were EVER like this. They are usually way too foggy, but if I had some super tight ambient jams in the morning – sign. me. up.

10. “Hope” – BjorgenKjorgen

Just listen to those opening notes. They not just cut to the core and say, “hold on young one, I’ll be there soon.” Then just give the song 10 more seconds and blast off to rocking, hopeful nation.

Fourth of July Stock Music? July 4th Stock Music? Independence Day Stock Music? We got it!

Photo Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Jnn13

As July 4th, the Fourth of July, Independence Day (whatever you might choose to call it) gets close (it’s next week!), we figured some folks might like to know where to look (and, of course) and find our collection of celebratory fireworks and hotdogs music.

Well, baby boy, we are delivering. Right here. Right now. God Bless America.

Click on the screenshot to get rolling:
July 4th Stock Music for Independence Day and Fourth of July

Huckleberry Heard It Through The Grapevine Week 1: Stock Music Licensing Specialist


CLICK HERE FOR THE: Weekly June 23rd Stock Music Playlist with Huckleberry

“Wait, what happened to Guava?”  “What is Guava loving this week?!”  “What on earth is a huckleberry?”  Okay, calm down everyone, calm down.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hey there.  Huckleberry here, or Huck for short. Cast your fears aside, I have not taken Guava hostage.  I promise.  And no, he didn’t leave us to join forces with McDonald’s because he was “Loving It” so much.  He’s just taking some time away from delivering his weekly batch of tracks to make sure Tunefruit stays as awesome as ever and continues to be more awesome.  Don’t worry, he’s still “Loving It” but now he’s dolloping that love all over Tunefruit.

Enter me, Huckleberry.  I’ll be taking the driver’s seat of Guava’s weekly palette pleaser by continuing to showcase Tunefruit’s latest and best tracks.

Now, you’ve probably still got one question on your mind: “What the heck is a huckleberry?”  Well I’m glad you asked.  A huckleberry is a mo—


No, no, no.  Not that Huckleberry.  A huckleberry is a berry mainly located in coastal and mountainous regions of North America.  Even though you’ve likely never seen it at your local grocery store it’s actually quite a common fruit.

Now, if you know where to purchase huckleberries please email me immediately.  Seriously.  But that’s enough of a agriculture lesson for now.  If you want to know more about me, check out the huckleberry Wikipedia page.

So now that we’re done getting to know each other, let’s get to what you want: The music!  This week, I went out to our orchard and picked out the seven ripest tracks for you to enjoy.  There’s a little funk, a little folk, some drama, a dab of rock.  I’ve got a little of everything to satisfy those taste buds. So many great stock music tracks, so little time.

Weekly June 23rd Stock Music Playlist with Huckleberry

1. “Disco Tech” – Fresh Ears Audio

Combining the best parts of classic disco, 80s synths, and the fresh sounds of modern funk/disco revivalists like Daft Punk and Breakbot, Fresh Ears Audio is quick to remind us that disco isn’t dead.  To quote a recent Sprint commercial, “Somebody call the doctor because I got a bad case of boogie fever.”  Tunefruit-tested.  Framily-approved.

2. “Groovy Renovation” – DrTimWaters

Grab a piña colada and your freshest sunglasses and get ready to kick it pool-side with this laid-back, groovy track from DrTimWaters.  You’ll want to just float in the pool and let the coolness of this track keep the summer heat off you.  Did anybody bring the cocktail umbrellas?

3. “Everyone Looks Guilty” – rbmusic

Not your typical street-hardened, gritty detective soundtrack, rbmusic takes us sometime in the future and puts us in the boots of a detective in the midst of a city-wide investigation.  rbmusic actually sets the scene pretty well in his song description.  He’s a musician and a scholar!

4. “Snowflakes” – 4Seasons

Put on your snowshoes and some extra layers because 4Seasons wants to take us on a magical journey through the frozen world he has created.  The piano drifts daintily down on us like snowfall while flakes and magic dust swirl around to completely immerse us in the white wonderland.  Is that Polar Express off in the distance?

5. “In Nature’s Valley” – Zander Sehkri

It’s almost impossible to resist the urge to abandon this blog post, get in my car, and let this beautiful folk track guide me to the nearest mountain road — or at the very least, the nearest coffee shop.

6. “SoCal Rock Theme ” – stevenbulinskimusic

Let’s keep this road trip rolling!  Roll down the windows and get ready to cruise down the California coastline with stevenbulinkskimusic’s west coast rock anthem…

7.Iron Armour” – Adam Scourfield

If I was a superhero I would adopt this track as my theme song.  I leave this collection with an epic cinematic track from Adam Scourfield that combines traditional orchestral horns and strings with glitchy electronics to create a really unique explosive and inspiring blend of sound.

SuperHuck out.

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Lucid Pictures

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Lucid Pictures_Final_300

Lucid Pictures is a script-to-screen, video production service located in the Philadelphia area.  We work with businesses and non-profits to produce marketing, training and knowledge management videos.


Welcoming our newest Tunefruit client to the fold, we have the Philadelphia-based Lucid Pictures. This new whiteboard video does a fantastic job of explaining the value of the excellent whiteboard videos produced by Lucid Pictures. That sure felt like a tongue-twister, but it reads just fine!

Need to convey a clear marketing message via video? These are your go-to guys, right here, buddy. 🙂

lucid pictures web

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Veterans United Home Loans

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG



Check out the newest Tunefruit Featured Music License from Veterans United. They are always striving to help United States Veterans achieve homeownership.

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Promoboxx

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG


How cool is Promoboxx? A graduate of TechStars in 2011, the company has built a simple and effective way for brands to push out effective localized co-marketing efforts to their associated retailers.

This is brand-to-retailer marketing for 2014.

The latest Tunefruit featured music license for Promoboxx focuses on helping retailers pick out (via Content Discovery) relevant social media messages from their parent brand.

You can find more info about Content Discovery by clicking HERE.


“Loving it” Weekly June 16th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist



“Loving It” Week Six

My weekly top picks from our new arrivals, which made me absolutely love it.

1. “Memory Dump” – Muteki music

Get those dancing shoes on partyin’ peeps. You feel that? That electronic soul? Muteki is feeling it. You can’t help but get that booty boogey-ing with this hip synth-disco track.

2. “Charity” – 4Seasons

If you can picture yourself in a field holding hands with children and spinning in a circle of joy, you need this song. If you even have an ounce of “care” in your body, you need this song.

3. “Trance Music Anthem” – BrancoG

Step one – glow sticks. Step two – neon face paint. Step three – flick your lights on and off really fast. DANCE PARTY or not. It’s ok. I’m doing it.

4. “Beautiful Night” – Sound Spindle

Cue the rain – I’m soaked to the bone. My clothes, dripping wet. Me? I’m holding on. Holding on to hope. I pick myself up and begin running. Cue slow motion shot. Epic. Drama. Love scene.

5. “Kid, It is Zygote” – musikopedie

First, I love this title. Like – “Hey kid, it is Zygote!” and Zygote is actually the kid’s lost dog…ha! err…But seriously, what a hip, indie track that is really creative and genuinely fun sounding.

6. “Eternal Bliss” – vpedulla

Ok, I’m going to buy an all white suit and then lounge in a VIP pool on top of a luxurious hotel. Next, you guys are going to video me straight chilling, and I want this track in the background.

7. “ Night in Reggaeton” – tdavilio

I’m in Mr. Davilio. Thanks for inviting me out on a night in reggaeton. You didn’t even have to ask cause if we’re going to party anything like it sounds in this song, I’m 100% down.

8. “Humming” – David Sestay

Is this perfect harmony? I feel like we just stepped into some utopian universe made up of the most pleasing sounds. Thank you for this Mr. Sestay. Thank you.

9. “Remember Us” – Jaap Visser

But Mr. Visser, remember me. Remember me when you make it big cause of this great two line review. Ok one line. Essentially, you’ve managed to roll all of our sorrow into one beautiful piece.

10. “Soul In The City” – Mellowstu

To cap this playlist off, Mellowstu is gonna take you back to 1970. Men, grab your lleisure suit. Women, grab those bell bottoms. Comb that fro or get a whig on that bald head. Let’s paaaartay!

“Loving it” Weekly June 9th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


“Loving It” Week Five

My weekly top picks from our new arrivals, which made me absolutely love it.

1. “Stars in Your Hands” – MaxRazumov

Just woke up and this was the first track I played. Thank you Max. I feel like I’m running a marathon. Forget the coffee. I’m so pumped right now.

2. “Seguirillas de la Zingara” – Rocio Gomez

What in the? How in the? Listen to that nylon guitar! Do you have robotic fingers Rocio??? What beauty and elegance! Well I’m off to cut little eye holes out of black cloth and play Zorro…

3. “We Were Heroes” – GuidoNegraszus

You’re still my hero, GuidoNegraszus. Did you just write the score for “X-Men: Days of Future Past”? I think you did despite the credits because I just heard an EPIC action/adventure score.

4. “Widow’s Walk” – MarcBeasley

I’m riding into the sunset on my faithful steed (bareback, duh, saddles are for whimps). My friends have fallen, but I live to see another day. HEEYAH! *closing credits*

5. “Moonlit Meadows” – ClausGahrn

Claus has completely captured the feeling of weightless drifting. Basically I’m Sandra Bulluck spinning in space in Gravity waiting for George Clooney to save me (who doesn’t want that?).

6. “Memories of Life” – RubenLozano

Somebody get me a box of tissues ASAP. Ruben! You’ve diminished me to tears. It’s going to take some time for me to gather back my emotions. They’re currently pooling on my keyboard.

7. “Alhamdulillah” – Geoffrey Wilson

Don’t have the time, money or resources to travel to the Middle East? Look no further! Close your eyes, and let Geoffrey sweep you away or hey, just envision me belly dancing. Look out!

8. “The Last Word” BeatheBeat

An enchanting song right here. Took me back to the days when moving boxes became kingdoms and fallen tree limbs were wands. There’s a little kid in all of us still I’ll bet.

9. “Cruising Altitude” – DeskSpace

Summer time is here people! DeskSpace, you’ve managed to capture my dream summer in a song – top down, cruising in an old school mustang with vintage, Wayfarer sunglasses.

10. “Desert Sunrise” – ZevWMusic

Take me back to my tribal roots Zev! This tracks embodies spiritual cleansing, and I’m on board after all those donuts I just housed. Bring on the latest organic juice craze!


Choosing the Right Stock Music for Your Online Marketing Video (Explainify Guest Post)

Guest Post Banner

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.33.29 PM.png

Eric Hinson is the Founder and CEO of Explainify, specializing in short, engaging explainer videos for businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about how Explainify helps companies tell their stories, check out their portfolio


Music is important.

That sentence may seem simplistic, or like the beginning of a third-grade essay, but bear with me. In the modern world, we take music for granted. It can become background noise, like traffic zooming by or crickets chirping. We hear it in bars and night clubs, in our cars, and in our earbuds. We are saturated in sound, so it’s easy to forget the psychological, emotional, and even spiritual impact that music has on the human experience.

In other words, music is important. Music is powerful. And if you’re a marketer looking to provide solid video content to your customers, you must pair that content with a great soundtrack. Don’t settle for cheesy, or cheap, or cliche! You want to pick the perfect track – one that matches your video perfectly. Let’s explore a few reasons why.

1. Music Matters

Like I said, we are saturated in music, so it’s easy to forget how important it is. But imagine a nightclub without a killer beat. Or a towering steeple without an angelic choir. Or a Star Wars film without a John Williams soundtrack. Music fills space in a way that physical objects – and even other sounds – simply can’t. And when music is absent, we notice.

But we also notice bad music, don’t we? I can remember dozens of times that I’ve walked the aisles at the drugstore with “Hungry Like the Wolf” or “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” blaring through cheap speakers in the background.

In the same way, if your video has no music (or even worse, low-quality, cheesy music), your viewers will notice. It will jar them, disorient them, and distract them from the story you’re trying tell. On the other hand, a top-notch soundtrack will blend with your video, fill the space between visuals, and engage your audience in a way that visuals alone can’t.

2. Music Can Make or Break a Video

When I started brainstorming for this blog post, I immediately thought of two commercials, both by soft-drink companies. One is for Coke, and features Queen’s “I Want to Break Free.” The other, by Dr. Pepper, uses Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything for Love.” These videos have a lot in common: They’re funny. They’re memorable. But most importantly, they’re funny and memorable because of the music. Sure the visuals are fantastic, but these songs enhanced the two commercials immeasurably. The point is, music plays a huge role in making a video great.

Music can also break a video. Think about radio jingles. I’m assuming there was probably a time when radio jingles worked, but that time was decades ago. Now, jingles garner groans and eye-rolls, not sales.

While you’re probably (hopefully!) not planning on using a jingle in your video, let this be an object lesson for you. Because as I said above, a cheesy, low-quality soundtrack will wreck your video, leaving your audience distracted and disinterested in your message.

3. Music Engages the Senses and Emotions

We’ve all been moved by beautiful music. Perhaps you’ve been moved by a transcendent classical sonata, pumped up by Metallica, or cried like a baby while listening to Rod Stewart. A great song can draw us in, hooking us by the emotions and leaving us changed. And, when you appeal to your audience’s emotions, they’re more likely to pay attention, remember what you said, and buy what you’re selling. Like Tunefruit’s own Peach says, “Music is mind control.”

But music doesn’t just engage the emotions; it also appeals to our senses. And when you combine music with the visuals and motion in your video, you’re appealing to a handful of senses all at once. This is science! If you stimulate multiple senses simultaneously, people are more like to pay attention and remember your message. So with a great soundtrack, you can appeal to your audience’s senses and emotions. That’s a serious one-two punch that gets your audience taking notice and taking action.

A Shameless Plug for Tunefruit

All of this to say, you absolutely want a soundtrack for your online marketing videos. And you want it to be a good one. But maybe you don’t have a small fortune to license “Party in the USA” or to have a custom soundtrack composed.

What do you do?

Stock music is the name of the game. Pre-recorded, instrumental tracks that capture a particular mood or emotion are a great way to give your video strong, musical backing; for the vast majority of our animated video productions at Explainify, stock tracks are perfect.

We’re Tunefruit’s biggest fans. They have more tracks than we know what to do with, and none of them are cheesy. Want proof? Just take a  look at a couple of our videos that make use of Tunefruit tracks:

We’ve come to rely on the guys at Tunefruit exclusively when we need a stock track. They’ve also become our friends, and that’s not uncommon for them – they’re not just looking to sell you music, they’re looking to develop a long-term relationship with you.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse the phat tracks at Tunefruit, and turn your online video into a sales-making machine with some killer music.


Tunefruit Featured Music License: Mozu (by Volusion)

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Check out our latest featured music license for Mozu.

Mozu makes it easy to manage content, products and brands across multiple sites. Purpose-built for enterprise environments, its fully integrated CMS and custom site building tools provide a seamless experience between front-end development and back-end management.