Tunefruit Featured Music License: Iglu Ski (video by Wooshii)

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Because Wooshii is awesome, and potentially English (actually, they are definitely English), they are what we consider one of the cooler offerings for companies, people, or animals to find reliable creatives to produce either live or animated video for their totally neat-o projects.

In the case of Iglu Ski, Wooshii put together a totally rad snowboard video that helps underline how dedicated Iglu Ski is to helping folks find the right ski and snowboard vacation (or holiday, for non-US folks). The video employs (literally) the employees of the company and some rockin’ graphics that follow the dudes as they descend the mountain.

That all seems pretty cool to us.

Oh…and they used Tunefruit to find the right stock music for their video. 🙂

Interested in how the process of finding a creative on Wooshii might work? We were, too.

Check out the screen shot below for a bit of insight into that question. Of course, click on the picture to move right along to Wooshii.

wooshii screenshot

“Loving it” Weekly May 26th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


“Loving It” Week Three

My weekly top picks from our new arrivals, which made me absolutely love it.

1. “Club Brazil” – TOYINVENTION

2. “Ominous Reality – VessRay

3. “A Bit Complicated” – livingroomClassic

4. “Lifted on Light” – SteveCollom

5. “Flying Dreams” – AGsoundtrax

6. “Sexy Vibes” – Stratomatic

7. “Odyssey” – Kubed

8. “Run for your Life” – Scoreweaver

9. “Sunset in Rio” – Ibicus

10. “Vangmos Range” – Klosmusic

“Loving it” Weekly May 19th Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Stock Music Specialist


“Loving It” Week Two

My weekly top picks from our new arrivals, which made me absolutely love it.

1. “Hopeful Morning” – runfirestop

2. “Electronic City” – benjamin.lindhol

3. “Aquatic Dreams” – CMILES

4. “Unrequited Love” – Eric_Mcnerney

5. “Lebanon” – Adam Scourfield

6. “Clean the Mind” – SergilVasylchenko

7. “Pajaro Loco” – wavebuffet

8. “Elegant Stepper” – Scoreweaver

9. “Indian Sky” – Nakovanj

10. “Outlaw Pass” – tdavilio


Tunefruit Featured Music License: Dragon Army and Robots Love Ice Cream

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG


We’re thrilled to show off our latest Custom Music project-type-thing with the newest mobile game from Dragon Army, a totally swell video game developer out of Atlanta. That’s right. Atlanta provides the world with Hip Hop AND mobile gaming.

We provided the Title theme music as well as all music you hear in the levels on the game. Fun and 8-bit was the order of the day, and we were more than happy to oblige.

You’re welcome, world.

If you happen to be frequenting Arby’s any time soon, you might notice that their latest promotion is a tie-in between Robots Love Ice Cream, and the classic, you-can-never-get-enough-of-it Orange Cream Shake. Even as a real-life-talking-fruit, I fully appreciate the yumminess of this partnership.

Grab your iPhone, download the game here!



“Loving it” Weekly Playlist with Guava, Tunefruit’s Content Specialist


LovŸing it [luhv-ing it] (seriously, the urban dictionary has a real definition)


1.    the act of enjoying something so much as to lose complete physical and emotional insecurities

2.    an extreme emotional reaction in which you completely disregard those judging you

Hey there folks. Guava here. I’m going to start showcasing some of our newest and bestest stock music tracks on this weekly playlist blog post thing. What does “Loving it” really mean to me? So glad you asked… 🙂

I’m crammed in a car full of my friends, “Friday I’m in Love” by The Cure comes on the radio, and without missing a beat, I break out into my own little dance because, hey, I’m loving it.



It’s the tenth time I’ve seen “Man on Fire” and still can’t control my tears when Denzel Washington gives his life up for Dakota Fanning. Jeez..I’m loving it.


“Loving It” Week One

My weekly top picks from our new arrivals, which made me absolutely love it.

1.     “Your Special Day” – Fresh Ears Audio

2.     “Crystal Commercial” – SongMonster

3.     “Reunification” – plmusic

4.     “Piano Arpeggio Commercial” – RubenLozano

5.     “Enchantment” – Aaron Marsden

6.     “Clint” – bankrupt

7.     “Ahead the Battle” – Jaap Visser

8.     “Cascading Flow” – Chroma Sound

9.  “Sparkle and Shine” – KeySync Productions

10. “Portugal” – Taris Studios

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Explainify


Because we love talking about our very cool customers, it’s time to heap some love on Explainify. They make instantly useful, always-revenue-generating, explainer videos for a variety of different companies. From mobile apps to shelving solutions, they know how to convey a variety of messages for different audiences.

And look…if we’re being honest here, Explainify really knows how to make motion graphics pop. It’s partly the cuteness of the characters, and maybe how everything just seems to look awesome (look, this fruit went to music school, so if you want verbose, head over here). Don’t be afraid to click, it’s just The Atlantic, hoss.

Of course, we’re thrilled that that Explainify continues to consider us an amazing resource for stock music for their videos.

Check out their latest work by clicking on the screen shot below.

Explainify Goodness