Tunefruit Featured Music License: Kanga

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Oh snap, oh sizzle. Kanga is pretty much ready to get all Uber up in this hizzy. Yeah, you heard us correctly…there’s a new kid in town, and he really wants to help you ship your stuff. No seriously, that’s the whole idea behind Kanga.

So, instead of Uber, which transports people around town in sleek town cars and uses a nifty mobile app, Kanga will help you quickly and affordably get your stuff from point A to point B intown.

What won’t they help you with? Not much, except for people, food, or dangerous materials (like nasty fondant on wedding cakes…what is THAT about!?).

K-ga’s initial roll-out is starting right here in the crown jewel of the south, Atlanta. And, to keep it all local and whatevs, they wisely chose Tunefruit to license music for their kickoff video!

Want to learn more about Kanga? Sure you do.

Twitter: Kanga on the Tweet Machine

Facebook: Kanga on the Face Book Thing

Click on the image below to go right on over to their site:

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Dad’s Garage

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Our homies (yes, fruits have homies) over at Dad’s Garage are getting their corporate work together, and this fine video is a collection of their last year-or-so of really cool work. In fact, as we were watching it all the way through, we realized we provided Dad’s with a majority of their music in 2013.

Hot Dog!

We love providing licensed music for comedy and corporate video.

Dad’s Garage specializes in improv comedy, live and totally off-the-cuff. However, they’re now getting totes involved with corporate clients to handle their commercials needs. Rock on, Dad’s.

Check out Dad’s Garage RIGHT HERE:

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Karen Kane and ChannelAdvisor (prod. by The Buzz Lab)

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As always, the good folks over at The Buzz Lab are doing just about the nicest, swellest film and video work out there. Check out their latest project, for the folks over at ChannelAdvisor. ChannelAdvisor did a bit of a feature on their client, Karen Kane, a clothier looking to increase their online sales (and overall presence).

We’re always thrilled to help license music simply for clients like The Buzz Lab. They found an excellent piece of music for their video!

If you’re looking to license music for your film or video, check us out!

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Kidbusy (prod. by Foster & Flux)

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The gentlemen over at Foster & Flux (somebody send them an award for Awesome Agency Name, please) just finished putting together this little gem of a customer video for Kidbusy, a totally awesome social network for millennial moms. Moms can get recommendations for things like Car Seats, or find out how other moms handle the daily grind with grace and a smile. Awesome.

This would explain why we have not received our invite to join the network. We are both fruits, and, from the looks of it, not moms. Fair enough.  We’re still thrilled they used some quirky cute stock music from our catalog. Yay!

What’s the deal with with Foster & Flux you ask? Boom:

“Foster & Flux make things from scratch: web videos, tv commercials, promotional stories and more. No templates. No formulas. We dig for the heart of your brand’s story and then handcraft it into something beautiful, moving and smart.”

Tunefruit Featured Music License: Quaker Oats

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Our second license comes from our new favorite “pig-themed” named customer HogTown Films.  Quaker Oats wants to know…can these cookies be both nutritious and delicious?

Check out other HogTown Films work by clicking on this nifty screenshot…


Tunefruit Feature Music License: Pronto Marketing

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Our dear friends over at Pronto Marketing have done a gaggle of videos recently, so we wanted to drop a little bit of Tunefruit love on them and feature this video:

Yep, there is nothing like the power of a personal thank-you video to make everything right in the world. Seriously. The Peeps (capital P) at Pronto sent a video love-fest to their client Techsperts. AWESOME.

The power of one-to-one communication, in full effect.

Follow @prontomarketing on Twitter. Like…right now.

Tunefruit Start Up Chatter: Tomorrowland Is Here Today



To be honest, the first time I heard the phrase I thought it was a ride at Disneyland.  Apparently, I was mistaken. Tomorrowland is an international EDM (electronic dance music) festival that takes place in Belgium every year. Once a niche market confined to ravers, EDM is now a multi-million dollar industry. 360,000 tickets were sold out in less than an hour. This year’s festival has been extended to two weekends as opposed to one, while being  watched by over 16 million people via it’s YouTube live stream. The venue itself is rented for an additional two weeks after the festival is over to ensure the park is restored to its prior state.

For the first time last year the festival expanded to North America, namely Georgia. The Chattahoochee Hills, just outside Atlanta, now hosts TomorrowWorld.

Festival organizers seem to be raking it in, however, the sound curators of this genre are the ones really benefitting. Forbes.com does a yearly roundup of the highest grossing DJs around the world. The highest paid DJ in the world tops out at around $46 million a year.  Lucrative venues such as Las Vegas and Ibiza keep the demand strong for this genre.  Who would have thought that DJing would become so lucrative?  Perhaps it’s time to dust off the Mac Book Pro and start working on that playlist.


cantaloupe 1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Derrick Pryce (known as Cantaloupe at Tunefruit) is a music producer and keyboard player based in Atlanta, GA.  His current release is entitled Kebomusic Presents: The Experience, which is available on iTunes and Amazon. In addition to music, he is very much interested in technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital. He thinks mixing them all up would be fantastic. For more information, check out www.kebomusic.com.


Tunefruit Featured Music License: LCBO (produced by HogTown Films)

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Our new friends over at HogTown Films have been busy of late, and this is one of several new projects they’ve undertaken. Say hello to the newest video for LCBO (that’s the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to you, sucka!). The nice woman in this video is shopping for a bit of wine to bring back to her next get together, but she has no idea what to grab…or even how to start making a decision…fear not! The LCBO dude has her covered. She now knows she can shop by Region, Varietal, or Style. Whew. I know everyone was getting super-worried that her party would be void of a solid red!

Check out all the cool work that HogTown Films does right here: HowTown Films

Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks:


An old Irish melody re-jiggered for the modern era? This track sort of does that. With bits and pieces of modern instruments…think synths, drum machines, and more traditional strings and such, this track takes on an almost Thomas Newman (you know, American Beauty’s composer) vibe.

It pulses with ebb and flow at each little turn, and ends up being a totally killer contender for inclusion into your next film.

Check it out: Summer Music

Tunefruit Featured License: Veterans United

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Our latest featured music license, a video from Veterans United Home Loans, is a doozy. Main takeaway here? Don’t wait, move fast, be STEALTH. Ok, we might have added that last thing. But, still. Hurry.