Tunefruit Featured License: TONI&GUY (via Volusion)

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The latest from the Volusion Success Story file is super-swell, and always fashionable, TONI&GUY. T&G is known as a successful hair salon franchise, but Volusion helped them take the next step into selling their branded products online. Nice work, Volusion. We hope they gave you a free haircut for all that hard e-commerce work. Seriously.

Check out Volusion on Twitter Machine: @volusion

Tunefruit Start Up Chatter: Troy Carter



Everybody loves the comeback story, right?  That is exactly the story that Troy Carter is telling after recently being fired by Lady Gaga as her manager (as told in Fast Company). This goes to show that reinvention is key in this crazy world that we live in.  Life throws us a curveball and the next question is: what now? Often times you can end up in a better place from where you started.  Troy has been no stranger to setbacks.  After spending 8 years managing female rapper Eve in the late 90’s, he was all of a sudden let go.  He put the pieces back together and ended up with Lady Gaga (not a bad rebound) until the most recent turn of events.  Bouncing back once again, he now runs Atomic Factory, a multi-dimensional entertainment and artist management company.  They recently signed singer Sky Ferreira as a client.

Music industry figures (whether it be managers, artists, musicians, etc.) are increasingly demonstrating that they are no longer one-dimensional figures.  Branching out into other businesses like fashion, technology and advertising are becoming the new norm for people in the industry.  Who wants just one source of income?  That’s just boring.  So, let the reinvention begin!

Troy Carter: Full talk from Wired 2012 from Wired.co.uk on Vimeo.


cantaloupe 1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Derrick Pryce (known as Cantaloupe at Tunefruit) is a music producer and keyboard player based in Atlanta, GA.  His current release is entitled Kebomusic Presents: The Experience, which is available on iTunes and Amazon.  In addition to music, he is very much interested in technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital.  He thinks mixing them all up would be fantastic.  For more information, check out www.kebomusic.com.

You can follow Derrick on twitter here: @kebomusic

Tunefruit Featured License: Pronto Marketing

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Look. Chances are, if you are a small business, you’ve probably become accustomed to doing a little bit of everything to keep the lights on, right? Maybe your business card says something like “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer”, and it’s only really a half-joke.

Well, boy-o-boy, have we got some good news for you, slugger.

Our newest customer, Pronto, is BUILT for you. Srsly (we saw our niece type this in her Google machine a few days ago, get with the times and stop judging), they are a full-service digital marketing agency enabling small businesses to have the web presence they need but never had time and budget to make it happen.

So go ahead, watch the video, and IMMEDIATELY stop what you’re doing and call them.

Follow Pronto on the tweet thing here: @prontomarketing

Tunefruit Featured License: Farm Rich

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The folks from Dad’s Garage produced the latest video for Farm Rich, and it’s mighty tasty to watch. It’s time to get SUPER-ready for the SUPERbowl with some yummy Superbowl snacks, and Farm Rich knows just what it will take to make your game day feast perfect for all guests. Yep. Even this fruit can appreciate a well-made sandwich.


Tunefruit Featured License: AgFunder

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Check out the swanky AgFunder video above and don’t forget to learn all about how AgFunder is connecting Ag Tech companies with potential investors. 

Also, take a second right now and follow them here: @agfunder

Tunefruit Featured License: heywatch (produced by Planet Nutshell)

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Leave it to Planet Nutshell to figure out a way to explain the complicated process of encoding video from multiple formats in the cloud for use in mobile and desktop apps.

And jeesh, on top of simplifying the un-simplify-able, the video for heywatch was even CUTE, to boot.

“HeyWatch offers unequalled input compatibility with 99.9% of compliant codecs and formats supported. Mobile and Web video publishing is made easy and accessible to everyone”

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Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Explainify and Reelseo.com


Ever wonder what goes into making an Explainer Video, and why prices vary so much? Sure you have. And if, like this fruit, you have jumped onto your Google machine, you realize that there are several companies offering a range of different types of videos. Do you want a stick figure explainer, or motion graphics? How long should the video be? How much should a video cost to produce depending on the animation style? Will it save your failing fake-whoopee cushion business (your mom was right, the idea was totally deflating).

You know…now that we’ve gone down this whoopee cushion path, here are the 20 sounds a whoopee cushion can make: 20 Sounds a Whoopee Cushion Makes.

Ok, back on track.

To help the thousands of businesses that will be looking for a new Explainer Video for their business this year, Eric Hinson (the genius behind Explainer Video company Explainify) has written, and of course created, an Explainer Video to, ahem…explain how to choose an Explainer Video.

It’s so meta, dude.

Check out Eric’s entire post by clicking on this screen shot (and, of course, he used Tunefruit for the music in the video!):


Tunefruit Featured License: Jack’s (Double Date)

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Straight out of the studios of Spots (based out of Atlanta, the greatest city on earth), comes this fantastically perfect spot for Jack’s (they are in Alabama, which is Georgia’s right arm, if you are looking at a map, champ).

In this spot, we’ve got four fantastically good-looking people at a fine dining establishment, and the two ladies in the group decide to pre-game some Jack’s burgers. Makes enough sense to this Mango. Now that I’m thinking about it, I am getting a little hungry. Time to make that 90 minute trek to our nearest Jack’s (watch out, Alabama, cause we’re fruity).


Tunefruit Featured License: Fitbees (produced by We Make Graphics)

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Welcoming another very cool European customer to the Tunefruit Inner Circle (is there really an inner circle, or is it just a construct of our very over-imaginative mind?), say hello to maker-of-all-sorts-of-graphic-things We Make Graphics. They are based in Belgium, and…you might notice that this totally awesome animated video they did for client Fitbees is in Belgium-ish. That’s a mixture of this German, Dutch, Middle Earth, and Spanish.

Ok, no it’s not. That’s a lie. But, from what we just read on Wiki, it appears they DO have three language communities. So, yeah. Interested in what they do? We were. So go ahead, and click on this screenshot, homie:

And “bee” sure to check out their client, too. Fitbees is a workplace health company that helps employees stay healthy.

In their own words:

“Our goal is simple … We provide healthy and motivated employees. We do this with a team of professional, enthusiastic, experienced and positive staff. We do not point the finger, but encourage people!

Our approach works well for companies with 20 employees and for companies with 20 000 employees.”


Tunefruit Featured License: Magento

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From producer Jacob Hatley at the always-flippin-fantastic The Buzz Lab we have our newest featured license. Magento (a nifty, and sort of amazing e-commerce platform) is the foundation through which Sole Society has built it’s entire business. This short video takes a quick (yet thoughtfully thorough) look at Sole Society’s founders, business model, and pivot from shoe club to online personal fashion expert.

We salute Magento and Sole Society for making it possible to to streamline the process of purchasing women’s shoes for all of humanity. Unfortunately, since we are fruits, and our wives are also fruits, we have no need for shoes. 🙂

Which isn’t so bad, since it leaves more money on the table for things like fruit baskets.