Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Former Intern Andrew Schwartz

Look, we’re not saying that we cultivate the world’s best interns here at Tunefruit. But we’re also NOT not saying that. Check out this very cool blurb on our very own (well, he used to be our very own, until he took on his new role in Operations with GetNotes) Andrew Schwartz.

We love ya, homie. Keep it trill (one of our nieces said we should stop trying to make “trill” happen, but whatever).

Read the article HERE

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Malone and Co. and Mango

Because Kate over at Malone & Co. is pretty much the coolest person ever, she thought of us when she saw this subway art in NYC (which is short for New York City, a place where dreams come true and rent is $4 per square foot…whoa). Thankfully, she had a black permanent marker in her purse and scrawled MANGO next to the boombox dude.

OK…I made up that last part, but Kate sure didn’t clarify whether the name was there before or only AFTER she snapped the shot. That’s straight baller, and Kate, we love you for it. You go ahead and show NYC what Nebraska is all about.

Tunefruit Featured License: SmartPak – Fearless

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Check out this recent video for SmartPak that we provided music for. FEARLESS. Boom…(drops mic, walks off stage).

Why do folks use SmartPak? Just ask ’em!

“Our moms think we’re funny and our horses think we get paid in treats, but that’s not why you’ll love us. You’ll love that we have all the supplements you want, at great prices. You’ll love that not only is our shipping fast, there’s three ways to ship free at SmartPak. We’re the supplement (and service) experts, we’re happy to help and we think you’re awesome. If you need more reasons to give us a try, see why other riders love us.”

Tunefruit Featured License: AgFunder

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Check out the latest featured license by our friends AgFunder. We’re not going to give anything away here in the notes, but let’s just tease the video by telling you that it’s about a new service called CropMobster. AND THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME.

Tunefruit Featured License: Girls Inc.

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Better late than never! This featured license came in back around August, but it’s got such a positive focus we wanted to let everyone know about it.

Girls Incorporated of Greater Atlanta is a chapter of the national organization, Girls Incorporated. This incredibly motivated organization serves girls between ages 6 and 18 by providing them with research-based programming that helps overcome the effects of gender inequity while inspiring them to be confident, courageous and responsible individuals.

This video was produced by the always-classy team over at CraigMiller.tv.

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: The music of Bernard Herrmann and Music for Your Videos

Every now and again, we here at Tunefruit get a case of Vertigo and feel the need to sit down. It’s during this time, that we worry we might be getting Psycho over the super-duper high-quality of artists and music from said artists in our catalog. We’ve searched high and low, and even make a Journey to the Center of the Earth (only once a month, as it is very hard to expense) to find the best hot jams that we hope you enjoy using in all sorts of different ways with video and film.

Now, I might be The Wrong Man (or Mango) to say this, but I think that having to slog through hundreds and thousands of tracks to find just the right one is for The Birds. We make the process a heckuva lot easier with our Advanced Search function (try a search for Bernard Herrmann, and you might find tracks that hearken back to all the great Hitchcock film soundtracks). You can also just contact us directly, and we will roll out the red carpet (yeah, couldn’t squeeze in another movie ref) and handle your music licensing search for you.

Oh…wait…I see what happened there. I just pointed out a few of the many fantastic movies that Bernard Herrmann scored music for. Very clever. Very clever, indeed.