Tunefruit Featured License: Filippo Berio (Video #1)

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Filippo Berio put together a series of recipe videos showing folks how best to use their line of Pesto….wait…what? Filippo makes pesto, too? How freaking awesome is this news? I mean…this is like finding out that Superman also happens to be a really fantastic hairdresser, or that Big Bird totally rocks out to Rage Against the Machine.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some of their videos on our blog.

Check out all the recipes right here: www.mypestorecipes.co.uk

Tunefruit Featured License: Apptive

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Our friends over at Apptive (ok, we’re not “friends” in the traditional sense, but I’m sure if we could meet and hang out, the sparks would totally fly…) just produced this video to give customers a little “taste” of what using Apptive can do for their mobile business.

Straight from the app’s mouth:

“With EasyApp it’s simple for ANYONE to create a mobile app for their small businesses or organization in minutes. No programming is required!”

Tunefruit Featured License: High Fructose Corn Sizzurp: By Monsanto (with Colin Mochrie)

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Dad’s Garage, Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyway?), and Monsanto…a match made in non-heirloom heaven (uh…hell, maybe?).

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Our new partnership with Vidaao!


To celebrate our new partnership with Vidaao, we have come up with the Top 4 reasons Vidaao is THE place to get your next video made:


1.) Fast and easy for businesses to get cost-effective yet high quality video.


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Do we need to say more? You can (if you needed to…but you shouldn’t have waited to) get a video done in ONE day and for less than $1,000. Getting set up with the right producer is just a few video auditions and a pre-production meeting away. 


2.) Price transparency is important.


Cat In A Box By Xbeckie boox

Ever have your water heater (in your attic) start leaking? You call up the repair guy and he quotes you $2,000. You wince and take the offer. He finishes and hands you a bill for $3,000. What are you going to do? The guy just saved your house from falling apart. You’re gonna suck it up and pay.

No such problems with Vidaao. The pricing is so transparent it’s almost invisible.


3.) Vidaao screens videographers in advance.


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This one has a special place in our heart. Just like Tunefruit, Vidaao screens all of the content creators before connecting them with you, the customer. You’re only dealing with the best of the best. I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll say it ten billion more- searching through garbage is for raccoons.


4.) They have great taste in music (don’t judge us, you knew this was coming!)


Cat In A Box By Xbeckie boox

Cat In A Box By Xbeckie boox

Check it. They are partnered with one of the best stock music sites on the interwebz. It’s safe to say that they have great taste all around. And with taste like that, I wouldn’t be surprised to see their founder, Justin Park, on the top of New York Magazine’s best dressed list. Ka-BOOM!

Check out Vidaao!

Our 100th Post! and a little bit of love from Video Brewery :)


Video Brewery, a fine producer of quality Explainer Videos, just posted this great article on the best places to find music for web videos. And wha! wha! wha!, they put us at the top of that list! Shucks, guys, that’s awful nice of ya’ll. I mean, we really appreciate the kind words. Hopefully we can live up to the (web) hype 🙂

Not sure what an Explainer Video is? Click HERE.

How does Video Brewery work? Click HERE.

VideoBrewery.com – Get an explainer video for your business!


Tunefruit Featured License: BambooHR

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Yep, another great video from our favorite Human Resources firm, BambooHR. This time around, the focus is on the first-hand experience a few of their clients, including Disqus and Beans & Brews have had with using BambooHR’s software.

Is BambooHR making Human Resources sexy? Yes. Yes they are.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: We just added like a Bazillion stock music tracks

Hello there, friends 🙂

Happy Post-4th of July. Or, happy SUPER LATE July 1st (wassup Canada). We just wanted to say “hey”, and let you know we added a bunch of tracks in the last 30 days. What kind of tracks? DubstepRockIndiePopOrchestral, and that weird stuff that we just file under “Quirky/OffBeat“. And of course, lots of Business Corporate tracks…admit it, you know you like ’em.

When it comes to finding the perfect background music for your video, we’ll have you in and out in minutes. It’s not that we don’t love spending time with you (we do!) We love you (and all of our customers) and want you to have the best experience and then roll on with your summer day.

Speaking of how you spend your summer days, here’s how some people spend theirs:
Ain’t got time to do your own search? We’re always happy to do your music search for you (for a very reasonable handling fee).