Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Wistia knows we have a sweet tooth…

Look what came in the mail!
Did Wistia buy you cookies today? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Just kidding. If you can find us, we will give you a small bite.

We were so hopped up on sugar after eating all the cookies that we made this .gif for Wistia. And really, since it’s online, we guess it’s also for the world. Ok? See world, it’s for you, too! Yum!

This was a very nice “Thank You” from Wistia for allowing us to guest blog a few months back. But seriously, the pleasure was all ours. Really. Have you ever looked at their freaking blog? It’s the best blog this Mango has ever seen. They give tips and tricks on proper lighting, filming, camera techniques, etc.

Look…LOOK. Here: Wistia’s Blog
BTW…here’s a picture of the Tunefruit co-founders right after they finished the cookies:
banana and mango

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Royalty Free Rock Music


Yo. How’s your summer going?

Solid. Glad to hear it.

Does your mom know your into that kind of stuff? Look, no judgment from us, just be safe.

So, getting back to the matter at hand, how hard is it to find really good royalty free rock music online? The answer should be, not hard at all, Mango, because Tunefruit has made it easy to search, listen, and license great rock music. Oh, stop it, you enterprising video editor person-type thing, you, we can’t stand the continued flow of compliments.

Are you looking for the next White Stripes, Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, or U2? We have rock artists uploading fantastic royalty free rock music ALL>THE>TIME. I mean, seriously, we just received another batch of totally killer rock music while I’m sitting here typing this post up.

We know you probably can’t secure that 1 million dollar license for your favorite Beatles track, but you can find totally awesome stock rock tracks that run the gamut from 60’s rock, 70’s stoner rock, 80’s hair metal, 90’s grunge, and current rock styles.

Check out all of our newest royalty free stock rock music right now. Do it.

Tunefruit Rock Playlist 

Tunefruit Featured License: Dad’s Garage

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

The folks at Dad’s Garage are at it again! We supplied the music to one of three trailers produced by DGTV for their new indiegogo campaign…so far, it looks like (our trailer) Nicks of Time is in the lead. But come on, are you really surprised? They used music from us, those winners! We love you, Dad’s.

Haven’t checked out Dad’s Garage yet? Do it. www.dadsgarage.com

Tunefruit Featured License: eMinutes (video by The Buzz Lab)

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Straight from California, our latest Featured License comes from eMinutes, produced by the totally killer “explainer video” company, The Buzz Lab.

This explainer video spends a quick sec explaining the process of starting a business. And guess what? It ain’t easy-peasy. There are tons of awesome, less-than-awesome, and totally-not-at-all-awesome hurdles that a new business has to jump through. And eMinutes has totally got the hook-up. Boom! www.eminutes.com

The boys (and maybe girls…we haven’t checked, yet) of The Buzz Lab are the brains behind this explainer video, and we think they do a bang-friggin-up job of conveying eMinutes basic message. The Buzz Lab folks are a Los Angeles-based video production and promotion company that produces “explainer videos” for websites, companies, products, apps and extensions.

Their specialty (ours happens to be making veggie burgers…in case you were wondering) is taking complex concepts and simplifying them down to bite-sized motion graphic videos and live action profile videos that are both entertaining to watch and easy to understand. And pretty much, that sort of explains “explainer videos”.



Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Summer!

Yeah, it’s like totally summertime (well, at least here in the US), and we are totally freaking excited about (totally). Sand, surf, beach, those little fruity drinks with the umbrellas in them…we can not get enough of it.

So, to celebrate this occasion (of a seasonably changing nature), we have compiled our fav-o-rite music search of the moment….SUMMER. Look, if you are looking for music for your next car commercial, explainer video, app, or even bar-b-que, we can help you out. Patriotic? We got it. Surf Rock? Oh yeah. We’ve got it all.

Simple music licensing, and oh-so-sexy mouse-over search makes it easy to listen to tons of tracks without a ton of clicking (because that is boring…and it sucks).

Click the picture below to see all of our royalty free music for summer and 4th of July!
Tunefruit Freshpicks for Summer BLOG 1b