Tunefruit Featured License: SmartPak

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Our newest Featured License comes to us from the cool folks over at SmartPak. This particular video series focuses on the people that make SmartPak the go-to equine supplement company. Melissa, VP of Merchandising, tell us a little about herself here in the video.

Oh yeah…I bet you wonder what a SmartPak is. We definitely wondered this…here you go!

SmartPaks are custom made, pre-measured daily dose Paks of your horse’s supplements. They are clearly labeled with your horse’s name for fast, accurate feeding every time. Tightly sealed to protect 100% potency, SmartPaks ensure that your horse always has the freshest supplements available. Best of all, they are delivered free automatically every month, so you never worry about running out.

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Uplifting Royalty Free Music


You know, here at Chez Tunefruit, a lot of people (peeps) ask us to find music for them that has that certain “uplifting”  element that just makes everything seem so frigging triumphant and a-ok. And boy oh freaking boy, do we have a ton of royalty free uplifting music. We’ve got it with strings, guitars, bells, orchestras, rock bands, singers, choirs, cows (seriously), basses, and many, many drums!

Want to hear some of our yummy triumphant and uplifting music, ready for video projects? Fine. but after we give you this list, you have to give us at least two weeks worth of break. Maybe ask us for a Giorgio Moroder sounding track, instead. That would be a fun music search. I mean…as much as we LOVE Coldplay, our brains (and ears) like a little musical exercise every once in a while.

Ok. Here you go: Royalty Free Uplifting Music

Tunefruit Featured License: Case Complete and the Custom Report Video Series #2

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Case Complete puts together the 2nd video in their Custom Reporting Series.

Yo boys…we dig your humor.

Check them out here: www.casecomplete.com

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Intern Takeover #1


redneck yacht


What’s good Tunefruitters (there is still an in-office argument about this word)?

Huck here, stealing the reigns from Mango for one very hot second. How did I manage such a coup? You guys should know by now that I’m the intern in ‘business school’. I rocked out my last final exam of the semester last night (solid C-). So without telling anyone, I decided to take a vacation AND cause some trouble!

Late last night I grabbed the launch codes and shipped off on a booze cruise to Jamaica. To hell with all of Mango’s ‘plans’ and ‘organization’, I just wanna rep tunes that I’m feeling right now.

So right now I’m floating away to a vacation in the sun listening to this jam. (get it?)

And with such a sea-worthy vessel, I’ll be in Jamaica in no time, partying on the beach, listening to some steel drums, and swimming in the warm seawater.

Jamaica is just one of the many parts of the world that Tunefruit has music for. Check out our World Music Genre for awesome tunes from all over the globe. I’ve been meaning to explore the Serengeti…

Tunefruit Featured License: Introducing Straight Shot

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When you want something done right, head to the midwest. Between awesome agencies like Malone & Company and their client Straight Shot (a subsidiary of Dundee Venture Capital), something is most definitely brewing in the flyover states (it's totally cool for me to say this, I grew up in the midwest).

Tunefruit Featured License: Knock Knock

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Check out the newest video from Knock Knock, a great place to find slightly off-kilter gifts (and other stuff!). Don’t freak out about getting married!

Tunefruit Featured License: Joan Produces

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We’d like to give “big ups” (I don’t know exactly what those are, but I faintly remember the phrase from high school) to Joan Karpeles of Joan Produces. She put together this totally boss explainer video showcasing her totally awesome producer abilities. Totally.

Chegg it.