Tunefruit Featured License: SuperKids

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Hey Tunefruit Nation. Check out the latest video from from our new bestie Catherine Stratton over at 9beach Films for┬áSuperKids Learning & Childcare Center in Summit, New Jersey. It’s pretty much the CUTEST video we have ever licensed music for. Our intern Huckleberry literally said “awww” like 100 times. Seriously. The Tunefruit music she licensed is pretty darn cute, too. ­čÖé

Tunefruit Featured License: CaseComplete

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The folks over at CaseComplete are putting together a series of explainer videos showcasing their Custom Reporting features. This is the first of many videos!

Check out CaseComplete here: www.casecomplete.com

Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Business Corporate Music

Tunefruit-The-HotnessFirst of all, I know what you’re thinking…business corporate music is not the hotness. We get it. When you’re with your lady (or man…we dig it, homey) and you want to hit the town on a Friday night in Wichita (or LA, you hipster, you), you want to boogie down to something that Pitchfork gave a solid 8.5 rating to. But after you wake up from your bender on Monday morning, the cold, and very likely, harsh reality, is that the video project you are working on for your scrappy little startup needs a little less hand-clap-reverb-tank-PBR, and a bit more strings-coldplay-triumphant-winning music underscore attitude.

Fear not.

We’ve compiled all of our bangin’ (come on, just go with it) Business Corporate Music for Projects right here:

Business Corporate Music Playlist

And because we’re talking about corporate music….

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Guest Post on Wistia


Click the pic below, homie, and avail your bad self of all the knowledge that Tunefruit can possibly offer you…I know…all the knowledge we possess about finding the right music for your project is summed up in one blog. Don’t we get points for being concise? Who wants to read a friggin’ book about this stuff? We don’t. You don’t. My mom doesn’t. Wistia, again with their infinite niceness and super-cool and informative blog, deemed us cool enough to guest post, so we took the opportunity super-seriously. Like, put some pants on, open the blinds, drink a glass of orange juice serious.

Since were here…you should go check out Wistia. Notice how Wistia is a hyperlink? Good. Click it. Right now. Don’t you want to see what they offer? Because it’s Video Analytics. Dang…I just spoiled it. Go over there anyway.
Wistia Loves Tunefruit

Tunefruit Featured License: Mesh Multimedia

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Stephen Mackey, Creative Director of Mesh Multimedia, put together this touching short film that describes the characteristics of valor. We don’t normally get gooey on the ole’ TF blog, but we wanted to highlight this really fantastic project.

If you dig the royalty free piano and string music used in this video, you can check it out here: Royalty Free Piano Music


Tunefruit Knows the Hotness: Reggie Watts


Do you know who da fizzle this Reggie Watts guy is? We’ve been in a sort-of bromance with him since seeing the above clip of him on Conan a while back. It’s just too good for us not to share with you all. He’s part poet, part hip-hop visionary, part beatboxer, and part comedian. That’s like 4 parts, kids. Here’s his info if you want to get down with a little history and background on the reg, click on it.

If you’re looking for royalty free hip-hop music, kiddies, you should probably get a real job…just kidding, my mom walked in, and I just started typing what she was saying…yeah yeah yeah, mom.

Chegg out this Tunefruit hip-hop…yo: Tunefruit Hip-Hop Music For Your Projects