Tunefruit Featured License: Zendesk iPad App Video

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Our buddies over at Zendesk are getting dangerously close to reaching Tunefruit “Baller” Status. If we had to give you some sort of Real-World equivalent to this….Silver Medallion on Delta Airlines, maybe? It guarantees the boys (and definitely the girls) at Zendesk a free well drink (you can upgrade at for $$$) anytime they happen to be dropping by Tunefruit HQ (you will see when you get here we are very important. We have many leather-bound books and our office smells of rich mahogany (Anchorman II, we are looking at you)).

Their newest video is EPIC (they say so in the vid), and focuses on the new Zendesk iPad App. We love how they use totally overblown “serious” music (ours!) to sell the super-sweet nature of their newest creation.

Nice work, Zendesk. Nice Work.  You look like a blueberry (thanks again, Anchorman).

Tunefruit Featured License: Delta Community Credit Union

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Our favorite line producer (Megan Gane) has helped put together this excellent new commercial for Delta Community Credit Union. Megan, we have no idea what a line producer does, but dayum Girl, you are definitely doing it right. This commercial is TIGHT.


Creative Director – Travis Sharp

Associate Creative Director – Betsy Morrison

Copywriter – John Ennis
Executive Producer Kevin Gillese
Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Animator – Adam Pinney
Line Producer – Megan Gane
B Camera Op – Alex Orr
Lighting & Gaffer – Conan Joshua Santamaria
Grip – Blake Tyers
Sound Recordist – Craig Rhee
Prop Master – Melisa DuBois
Technical Assistance – Jamie Warde
Wardrobist – Jennifer Holden
Hair Technician – Karen Anderson
Makeup Artist – William Holland
Set Builder – Tom Johnson & Kevin Huey
Production Assistant – Kyle Griffith

Dan Triandiflou
Tiffany Morgan
Alexis Robinson,
Carson Stoddert
Gina Rickicki

Location – Tube Creative
Music – Tunefruit
Agency – Scout Marketing

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Business Radio X Interview

Business RadioX
Our friends over at Business RadioX had us join them for an interview on their show, High Velocity, today, to talk about what we’ve been up to since we last spoke with them. We’d like to think we were witty, good-natured, and thoughtful in our answers to their questions, but we might (ARE) be biased. We chatted about music licensing, customers, partnerships, the shebang. Enjoy.

Check it out, right here: Tunefruit Interview with Business RadioX

And, if you want to find out more about Business RadioX, check them out here: Business RadioX

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: We got a mention on CNN

CNN Article Tunefruit


Our favorite Intern (within our home state, that is…we still love you Kiwi!) Huckleberry wrote this really awesome piece for CNN about the value of a music school education. Stop laughing. It’s really good. Seriously. Anyhoo, go click on that CNN link and read away, our lovely little blog reader…read away. There are a few really nice mentions about Tunefruit and how we help you find the right music for your project.

You want to see Huckleberry’s face a little bigger? (Stop squinting!)…here:

Huckleberry Intern Tunefruit


Tunefruit Featured License: BambooHR

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

As has been the case many times previous, the boys over at BambooHR just keep knocking out amazing product videos. I mean…think of all the crap that billion dollar companies sometimes throw out there, and then think how AWESOME BambooHR’s approach to video-making is. Boom. Those dudes are batting 1000. That’s the only sports reference that I really understand, so….here you go. Maybe I need some “time off”? Oh…I see what I did there…bringing it back to the video…

Tunefruit Know The Hotness: Alternative Rock


We’ve spent a hot second (I mean, literally, just one second) compiling a super-quicky playlist of our Alternative-Rock royalty free music offerings for you fine folks. Our little-library-that-could is always adding new tracks into the fold each day, but it’s nice to have ALL the tracks in a specific category right at your fingertips.

Looking for the FOO? Woo-hoo.

Need a little Hives to make up for the winter jives? High-Fives.

Yeah, we’ve got a little bit of everything in the alt-rock folder. So, take a peek, listen around, and mouse-over to your heart’s content. We paid our hosting bill this month, so use-and-abuse our bandwidth, ladies and gentleman.

Check it out: Alternative Rock Playlist