Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks: The Roots


Check it out: The Roots

Yo. Good Monday morning folks. When this Tunefruit (Mango) was in college (a well-known music school in Boston), I had the opportunity to have more than a few roommates, who unlike me, actually lived in, or around, great NE cities. And one of these roommates, who grew up in Philadelphia, turned me on to this band. This magical, super-duper hippity-hoppity band. They were (slash ARE) called The Roots. While their quality from Album to Album (there are several) can be…ahem…cough, cough…erratic, their 1st Major Label album was Do You Want More?!!!??1.

And it was so painfully funky, thoughtful, and real, that thousands of college kids across the world had serious cases of “exploded-head-syndrome” in their dorm rooms while first hearing this album.

With the smooth rapping style of Black Thought and the TOTALLY-AMAZE-BALLZZ?uestlove on drums, this band literally defined the sound of Philly Hip-Hop. Yeah.

We pulled a few tracks from similar artists to honor the greatest Late Night Band ever…The Roots.


Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Jerry Goldsmith


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The late, GREAT, Jerry Goldsmith is pretty much awesomesauce in our book (which happens to be shaped like a record). This dude has written the music for so many great movies (Patton, The Omen, Alien, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Poltergeist), yet most importantly, he wrote the music to The Secret of NIMH.

Holy Shittakes, Batman. Look, I’m a child of the 80’s (slash 90’sish), and while The Omen and Patton are impressive credits, NIMH was my jam. It was basically dramatic animation during a time of Disney’s Little Mermaid…think about that. Yes, it blew chunks at the Box Office, but who cares…it’s an amazing movie about Rats in a field with a friggin’ score by Jerry Goldsmith. Bam.

Mister Lush Orchestral Score, we salute you.

So, we think Jerry is the Hotness.

Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks: Hit it to the Ground


Check it out: Hit It To The Ground

Looking for that nasty…that gnarly…that ab-so-friggin-lutely bar swill-ish rock with swagger for days and enough whiskers to scratch a mirror? Here. Take this track for a spin. Equal parts Jack White, White Stripes, Dead Weather, Black Keys, Yellow Feathers (I just made that up to see if you use google). It’s John Lennon to Kelly Clarkson’s Paul McCartney. It took 5 minutes to come up with that. But is was worth it. Because now you’re thinking about it. Yeah..it works. Anyhoo…this Royalty Free Music track is ready to be licensed for your next project. Stop playing around with WoW, turn FCP back on, and finish the dang project.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Bird Singing Dubstep


I can not deny it. We are total suckers for stupid PET tricks. Can you imagine how long it must have taken to get this friggin’ bird to drop the bass?

I mean…does Skrillex even understand what kind of movement he helped spearhead?

And, if you are looking to license some dubstep (of the non-bird variety): DUBSTEP playlist

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: The Final Battle

this track is really great

Check it out: The Final Battle

Hey. You. Yeah, YOU. Lookin’ for a John Williams type of track? Yeah? Cool…come here. Around the corner. Where no one will bother us. Man, this track has GOT it all…it offers sweeping strings, pulsing percussion, serious highs, and thoughtful lows…I can kind of imagine this track being used to sell the closing scenes of an epic and hard-won battle. Heck, on the end, you even have a bit of filler for when the dude finally gets the girl, the lights go up, and the credits roll. Enjoy. We know once you get taste, you’ll be back.

Tunefruit Featured License: Beazer Homes

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Beazer Homes just released this new video that provides a helpful explanation as to what, exactly, an energy efficient home really is. I feel ‘greener’ just watching the video. Quick, someone do a LEED certification on me! (that’s a joke for all your architects and builders out there…much love). Man… I love house humor. And yeah, we dig that they decided to use a Tunefruit track in there, too!

Tunefruit Featured License: Zendesk

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Hello,  2013! To get this freaking party (year) started right (we’ve never been known to start it off wrong, but whatevs), we are featuring a license from our friends at Zendesk. They produced this AWE—-wait for it—-SOME long-form commercial to help explain their Support Services for companies. It’s funny, in that wink-wink, high-style Royal Tenenbaums (wassup Wes Anderson) kind of way, with elements of The Office thrown in. Nice work, boys (and girls) of Zendesk, nice work indeed.