Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Our Christmas Card


Our buds and favorite’ist customers that do improv comedy) Dad’s Garage put together this Video Christmas card just for us. It’s like a boozy version of a thoughtful Christmas card that your eccentric Uncle Jim might send after one too many eggnogs. God Bless, and Merry Christmas, folks!

Tunefruit Featured License: BambooHR

Tunefruit-Featured-License BIG

Well, the BambooHR folks are at it again, with this hilarious (and really well-written) new commercial for their company and NEW mobile app!

Check out BambooHR here: www.bamboohr.com

Tunefruit Featured License: Parallel Proxy

From across the pond comes this cool little online video from Parallel Proxy. What does Parallel Proxy do? …well, in their own words…

We’ve all been there. Despite all our careful testing, our software deployment displays problems after it goes live, annoyingly often immediately after deployment…..if only there was a way of deploying to a Parallel World and watching what happens there first.

Ok, you’ve probably guessed that no actual Parallel World is involved, so how does it work? Parallel Proxy is the only product that allows you to send REAL production traffic to your pre-deployment instances- in real-time and safely. No longer rely on monitoring to tell you about problems with your new release, now you can use the traffic your production instances are receiving. You’ve never verified a deployment like this before.


Boys, we could not have said it better ourselves..mostly because we have no idea what you are talking about. Good thing our dev team speaks tech, because they think Parallel Proxy is a pretty awesome thing, and super helpful to new online business sites. So get down, and do that thing you do so well, Parallel Proxy!

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Look at this Instagram

Friggin’ College Humor does it again with this hilarious Insta-classic (see what I did there?) of a parody. Taking all your favorite parts of Nickelback’s classic (ahem…) song Photograph and re-adjusting the lyrics for our 2012 obsession of Instagram, you’ll have a hard time not wincing at least five times while watching…because they are talking about you…and me…and your sister. It’s soooo pitiful that I…oh wait…wow, that sunset peeking through the window is beautiful…I need to use the Nashville filter for this….

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Margarita Sunset

Check it out: Margarita Sunset

It’s Friday, chances are you reside in a place that’s cold, cloudy, and not the least bit summery. Tunefruit Daily Freshpick to the rescue. We’d like to welcome you on the Tunefruit Yacht for a quick cocktail (something with an umbrella), a little bit of sand, and most definitely, a much-needed respite from what will most likely be another 3-5 months of crappy cold weather. So, take a minute to enjoy the steel drums, shakers, and gentle bass groove and remember…Tunefruit keeps you warm at night…oh…hold…legal dept. says we can’t say that. Oh well, enjoy this royalty free music track anyway.