Tunefruit Daily Freshpicks: Halloween

Does somebody need their mummy? MUHAHAHAHAHA….oh jeez. I can’t do this. Here’s the deal: You waited til the last minute and now you need a Halloween track for a video you are working on. Smooth move, dude (or dudette). Don’t sweat it, though. We have you covered.

Check out our royalty free music tracks for Halloween right here: Halloween Tracks

Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Tunefruit

Two exciting things to report from Tunefruit HQ:

We finally developed that freaking “Request a Comp” button”…

This little button will allow customers to audition (or as we like to call it, TUNEFRUIT TASTE TEST) tracks for projects. Cool, right? We could go on and on and on and on about how sweet this little button is, or how it will change the way you think about eastern religion and the green party platform, but instead, just go play with it and see how it works…Comp Button. This button is on every track page.

Our other exciting thing? Oh…just NEW AND IMPROVED search.

We spent several months tweaking this part of our site, and now it works like a charm. A lucky charm. Without going into too much detail on the amazing algorithm we concocted to make the new search work so well, just know that you can type anything in to the search and it will spit out a super correct result. Type in a movie, artist, band, composer, color, feeling, etc., and the results will be spot on.

It took a second, but it was worth it.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Questlove and Color Loves Depth

Man, Questlove is just way cooler than you. And me. And this blog. But whatever. I’m ok being wayyyy back in line behind Questlove…and his first gig at Radio City Music Hall. I’m not sure I should divulge this or not…my (Mango) first gig was at All Asia in Boston. Please don’t look that place up. Seriously (just kidding, look it up).

This is just another one of those cool videos (done for Adcolor.org) that just cuts through all the noise and makes you want to pick up some sticks and play. Of course…the caveat is that I was trained as a guitar player. Oh, well.

Looking for some Royalty Free Music tracks that have that Questlove / Roots thing?

Chegg it: Here are three we dig… Questlove/Roots


Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Heights

Check it out: Heights

Sometimes you just need a thoughtful, beautiful royalty free music track for your project, right? Like…you want everyone who sees your project to start balling like a big baby. This track is probably the going to get you the tears you are so desperately looking for. Singing about being ‘scared of heights’, the song is really about being able (or not being able) to take that next step in life. Melody Ann Jones pairs her voice with simple piano and guitar to help punctuate the heartache and worry that the song conveys.

Listen to more of Melody Ann Jones: Tunefruit Playlist

Similar Artists: Sarah McLachlan, Michelle Branch, Natalie Imbruglia

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Weetabix

Sometimes, just sometimes, we gents over here at Tunefruit HQ run across a killer use of music and picture that makes those little hairs on our arms stand on end. This is one of those times. I know, I know, you are sick and tired of hearing everyone (including your mom) talk about dubstep. I mean, now that you mention it, didn’t Taylor Swift just drop a dubstep track on the world….hold…..checking….googling…ah, here it is:

Taylor Swift Dubstep

Anyways…as I was saying, I know you are all tired of hearing about it, but you need to watch this video. Presumably, this 9-year old (guessing, since I don’t see any of those handy gas station door measuring stickers in the video) is able to conjure the spirit of UK dubstep with her stuffed battalion of teddy bears. And they have obviously worked on their very Britney Spears-ish dance routine.

Little dubstep dancer, we salute you.

And…in case you are looking to license some dubstep from Tunefruit: Dubstep Playlist


Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: The Pub Party

Check it out: The Pub Party

This Royalty Free Music track is some kind of crazy Irish Quirk fest. Don’t rush to twitter to check #irishquirkfest, it’s not there. Basically, take the Dropkick Murphys and mix in a little bit o’ whistle, and you get this Dublin Jam. Washed in Whiskey and Guinness, this St. Patrick’s ready track is all you need to get this jig thing started.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: 10 Year Old and an MPC

When’s the last time you learned how to do something cool in less than a week? Yeah, that’s what I thought…

Looking for Royalty Free Music that has some MPC or Drum Machine action in it? Go Here:  Drum Machine Sweetness

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Bend or Break

Check it out: Bend or Break

With all the talk on sites like Pitchfork about indie rock this, and bearded hipsters that, it’s easy to quickly forget about the type of rock that this fine nation was built on. And it’s just as easy to forget where much this nation-rock (I don’t know…just go with it, ok?) comes from…and that place is…the Fly Over states. Yeah, the FYS’s wants you to know that they like their bands the same way they like their food….meaty, friend…and potato-y (the Tunefruit comparison and analogy generator is not working today, so just deal, ok?).

You want Hinder? check. Audioslave? double-check. Seether? triple-check. That mid-90’s band you can’t-remember-the-name-of (their name is Fuel)? quadruple-check.

This royalty-free music track helps bring back the flood of memories from all your mis-spent days of youth in the 90s. Just let it ride. Like listening to the soundtrack to Road Trip or American Pie, it’s oh-so good.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: DesignWorks NY is speading the good word!

DesignWorks NY (in all of their smartness and awesomeness) has declared that Tunefruit is a totally Swell (ok, they said REALLY COOL) place to find awesome music. We think that DesignWorks NY (who have done work for American Express, Pitney Bowes, and Columbia University to name just a few clients) knows exactly what they are talking about. Jeesh, look at their accomplishments. Where the heck do they keep all the trophies?

Check out all the crazy stuff they do: brand development, corporate identity and logos, sales and marketing collateral, advertising, direct mail and sales promotion, publications and annual reports, event and trade show materials, digital, interactive and social media… I bet their mom is super-duper proud.

DesignWorks NY…we salute you!