Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Spire

Check it Out: Spire

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Dude…you ever just think about stuff? You know, like…what…what if all the air in the world was full of free radicals, and then…all of a sudden, the free radicals were just gone. Ya know…like they left our universe, and went to some other place in the Milky Way. Would that change anything? GAAAAHHHH….It’s melting my brain. But…like…I like having my brain melted. I just want to float away, through all those millions of stars, and pluto, and the moon, and see what’s really out there…ya know? And uh…I want to make sure I’m listening to this rally space-y jazzish, new-agey-ish royalty free music track. Because this track is totes awesome.

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Fujiya & Miyagi

We wanted to perk up your morning just a tad, so we scoured the interwebs for a visually cool music video (they obviously liked what the White Stripes and Junior Senior did in their respective vids).




Tunefruit Knows The Hotness: Uplifting

Check it Out: Uplifting

Ya’ know, sometimes you just don’t care what’s ‘hot’, but rather, what’s ‘right’. Sometimes a video project doesn’t need Akon’s auto-tuned goodness. And maybe this is one of those times. Right? Yes, today all you want to know is where to find some really good UPLIFTING royalty free music. Nothing too popish, nothing too ‘in your face’, just thoughtful, resounding tracks that help convey hope, perseverance, love, and drive. But not too much drive…no, not Fast and Furious, hold on to your pants drive.

That would be  over-the-top.

So, without further verbosity (don’t dictionary.com that), we present an Uplifting playlist.


Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Psy Gangnam Style

I mean, what needs to be said here?

The only real question that remains: Should our curators at Tunefruit use Psy Gangnam Style as a searchable tag for our customers? Will this little piece of pop culture make it to the new year?

Cast your vote now.

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Busting Loose

Check it Out: Busting Loose

Who doesn’t like the pulsating, pounding, absolutely friggin’ scary/nasty (take your pick) Fear Factor franchise? With contestants being tasked (and choosing) to eat live spiders and cow testicles, jump into raw sewage, shave off their eye brows, and kidnap their in-laws (OK,  maybe that never happened), this show set the bar for reality show craziness. But you know what? It had absolutely KILLER music, and it sounded like a cross between an eastern European orchestra and a Michael Bay movie car explosion. Well, good news, we have hundreds of these types of thunderous, driving, royalty free music tracks.

We particularly like the track above. With big strings, HUGE drum and percussion sections, and multiple sections, you can edit to your heart’s content and have a supremely professional sounding soundtrack for your video project! Click it now and listen!

Tunefruit Daily Freshpick: Battle

Check it Out: Battle

Upon the glory of our most high king, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, we ask for thy blessing, and that he, a rock god among no other rock god, will see fit to bestow his gaze on our burnt offering of PROGRESSIVE…EPIC…SLAMMING…instrumental ROCK.

This royalty free music track, Battle, by rybytskyy, will tear your freaking face off, throw it in the gutter, and never apologize for doing so. It recalls Jason Becker, Joe Stump, Yngwie, Macalpine, Petrucci. And uh…it’s a freaking duel guitar attack, with the guitars actually DUELING. Automatic Girl Repellent, yes? But who cares, because girls are pretty much icky with cooties, and if they don’t want to rock, they can just stay home and listen to Hall & Oates. Watch out for the keys on this track too, as they keep everything glued together with the pounding drums, and slippery guitar lines!

Tunefruit is Going Bananas: Beyond Madison Avenue

In our ongoing efforts to make the world a better place through music licensing (hey ma!), we’ve snagged a featured rotating spot on the fantastic, timely, and interesting blog Beyond Madison Avenue. The chatty extension of TalentZoo, BMA strives to keep everyone up-to-date on all things related to creative agency stuff. A recent blog headline? What Beer Advertising Can Teach Us About Building Male Egos. We’re daily readers, and we know many others who read it, too.

You could go there now, read a few blogs, and then magically transport your bad self right back to Tunefruit by clicking on our little ole’ right margin ad. Is that meta? You know, like being here on our blog, sending you to another blog, only to have you click on our ad and coming back here? Let the eggheads at MIT figure it out. Jeesh.